Gappert will pay $5K to owners of shot cattle |

Gappert will pay $5K to owners of shot cattle

Dillon James Gappert of Hensler, N.D., agreed to pay $5,000 to the owners of nine head of cattle that were shot on or about July 4, 2012, in Oliver County. The agreement follows criminal mischief charges filed in South Central District Court in July 2015.

On Feb. 10, 2016, Gappert signed a pre-trial diversion agreement with Oliver County State’s Attorney John Mahoney, agreeing to pay $5,000 to the animals’ owners, John Dixon and Miles Tomac, of Mandan, N.D. The agreement allows the charge to be removed from Gappert’s record if he pays the restitution and does not commit an infraction, misdemeanor or felony for nine months, but allows the court to resume prosecution if Gappert does not abide by the terms.

“This was a senseless shooting that not only deprived these ranchers of their cattle, but of the revenue that they would have generated,” said North Dakota Stockmen’s Association (NDSA) Brand Board Chairman Jeff Schafer, a rancher from New Rockford, N.D. “A family’s cattle represent not only their livelihood, but generations of hard work, stewardship and genetic selection. We’re glad that the owners will finally receive some restitution for their loss, but they deserve to be made whole.”

Four cows, four calves and one yearling were killed in the incident.

The NDSA, the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation and the Oliver County Sheriff’s Department worked jointly on the investigation.

–North Dakota Stockmen’s Association

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