Garrigan Land & Cattle Bull Sale |

Garrigan Land & Cattle Bull Sale

Justin Garrigan, with Quentin, congratulate Raymond Birkeland, Dupree, South Dakota, as Raymond was the lucky winner of the Cross 5 Cattle Vet Cooler provided by the Garrigans at the end of the sale.

TSLN Rep: Dan Piroutek

Date: Apr. 9, 2019

Location: Faith Livestock

Auctioneers: Dace Harper


41 Black and Red Angus Bulls – $2,854

Riley and Justin Garrigan and their families hosted a nice crowd for their 2nd annual bull sale. They were happy to welcome several new customers, to go along with the repeat buyers from last year’s sale. These are really good cattle that you will hear a lot more from in the future. They also market some bred heifers privately. Visit the Garrigans to see how the new calves are coming along.

Top Selling Bulls:

Lot 2: $5,000 to Van Dyke Angus, Manhattan, Montana – VDAR Churchill 1063 x A&B Spot Lite 3065

Lot 44: $4,750 to Larry Schuelke, Mud Butte, South Dakota – GMRA Stetson 2240 x Tradition 81 SCN

Lot 7: $4,250 to Gary Price, Faith, South Dakota – Sinclair Net Present Value x Millars Extra 972

Lot 30: $4,250 to Kelly Escott, Faith, South Dakota – VDAR Cedar Wind 1044 x Mra Upward 1241

Lot 1: $4,000 to Lynn Williams, Faith, South Dakota – SAV Resource 1441 x SAV Mandan 7423