Gelbvieh Association announces Smart Cross® ear tags for crossbred calves |

Gelbvieh Association announces Smart Cross® ear tags for crossbred calves

Brand your Gelbvieh and Balancer® crossbred calves with the SmartCross® ear tags from the American Gelbvieh Association. Three different tag options are available.

Cattlemen know the importance of correctly tagging their calves. The American Gelbvieh Association can make this process more convenient and efficient by offering SmartCross® ear tags available to commercial and Gelbvieh breeders.

SmartCross is an easy crossbreeding program that shows commercial producers how to get to the profit center of the beef industry. SmartCross shows producers that already have a blend of Continental x British in the cow herd how to stay in the center using Balancer® bulls.

SmartCross calves are well established as excellent feeding cattle that perform extremely well when sold on value-based grids. The SmartCross ear tag program identifies source, process and genetically identified feeder calves. No other tag program in the industry gives buyers as much confidence in buying quality feeder calves.

SmartCross tagged calves must be:

Sired by registered Gelbvieh, Balancer or registered Gelbvieh x Angus (red or black) hybrid bulls,

Preconditioned with the VAC 34 or VAC 45 program, and

Raised under Beef Quality Assurance guidelines.

The American Gelbvieh Association offers three designs of SmartCross tags. Producers can choose to buy one of two Management tags with the word SmartCross or the Marketing tag with the SmartCross logo, ranch name and unique 9-digit number.

Tags can be purchased at any time as long as the calves have or will meet the above conditions. This allows producers to tag calves at birth with the Management tag. Producers can order blank tags and add their own numbers or order tags with a specific range of numbers with a limit five letters or numbers per tag. These tags will be orange with black numbers and letters.

If producers would prefer, they can buy the Marketing tags at preconditioning time. This gives producers the option to include their ranch name (limit of 12 letters and spaces) and build a reputation for their high quality calves.

These tags also include a unique national ID number (distributed by USDA) and have enough space on the front to be used as the primary identification for the calf or can be used to identify the seedstock producer.

The first step to order Gelbvieh SmartCross tags is to complete the SmartCross Tag Certification Form and send it to the AGA office. The Certification Form can be found online at

If you have any questions, please call the AGA office at 303-465-2333 or email F


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