GFP Commission proposes changes to archery deer season |

GFP Commission proposes changes to archery deer season

The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Commission proposed three changes that would impact nonresident archery hunters for the 2019 deer hunting season. In addition, one change was proposed that would impact resident archery hunters.

The Commission’s proposal would first impose a delayed start date for nonresident archery deer hunters on public lands; including private land leased by the department for public access in the Walk-In Area program. That delayed start date would be the first Saturday after Labor Day. The proposal would not change the start date on private lands for nonresident archery hunters.

The Commission also proposed to establish an application deadline of August 1 for nonresident archery deer hunters. Any nonresident archery application received after that date would result in the license being valid only on private land; not including Walk-In Areas.

A limit of 500 archery access permits for the Custer National Forest (Unit 35L) located in Harding County was also proposed. Those access permits would be distributed, via a lottery process, to 400 residents and 100 nonresidents.

To comment in person, the public hearing will be held June 6 at 2 p.m. CDT in Pierre. Individuals can comment online or mail comments to 523 E. Capitol Ave., Pierre, SD 57501. To be included in the public record and to be considered by the Commission, comments must include a full name and city of residence.

–South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks