Gianforte seeks to protect 2nd Amendment rights, farmers and ranchers in Montana |

Gianforte seeks to protect 2nd Amendment rights, farmers and ranchers in Montana

WASHINGTON – Congressman Greg Gianforte yesterday sought to protect the Second Amendment rights of Montana farmers and ranchers from a highly partisan gun control measure.

In testimony before the House Rules Committee, Gianforte blasted the overarching gun control legislation, H.R. 8, “This bill is another example of a Washington-knows-best approach that fails to consider our rural communities. It targets law-abiding gunowners, while failing to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals.”

Gianforte submitted an amendment that would have allowed farmers and ranchers to transfer firearms to their employees or neighbors for the purposes of ranch activities., including pest and predator control, hunting, target practice, or firearm safety.

Gianforte testified, “My amendment is a common-sense clarification that protects our Montana way of life and preserves our farmers and ranchers’ Second Amendment rights.”

Gianforte described to members of the Rules Committee how the gun control bill makes it illegal for a ranch hand to drive a truck equipped with a firearm on a ranch without a background check.

Gianforte explained, “Predators like coyotes and wolves don’t care about a three-day background check when they’re hunting their next meal at the expense of a rancher’s livelihood.”

On a straight party line vote, Democrats on the House Rules Committee rejected Gianforte’s amendment.

H.R. 8 is sponsored or cosponsored by 228 out of 235 House Democrats and only five Republicans.