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Gill Red Angus Annual Bull Sale

Sale host Larry Gill enjoying a moment with grandson Holden at the Gill Red Angus sale.

Date: Feb. 18, 2014

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs


107 two-year old bulls: $5,727

91 ylg bulls: $5,071

198 total bulls: $5,427

Gill Red Angus had a real nice day and a huge crowd on hand for their annual sale, where they offered 198 bulls. At the end of the day, every bull offered in the sale had a new home.

Gill Red Angus strives to raise the most functional, higher performing calving ease cow herd as possible. In order to keep the do this they cull the bottom 20 percent of the cows every year to make their herd that much stronger. Along with this, the Gills have a strong customer service program where their customers qualify for discounted vet supplies through different outlets. However their biggest customer service focus is on bidding on and buying their customers steer and heifer calves throughout the fall and winter. This service has made a huge impact on what their customers calves are bringing.

Two year old bulls

Leading the two-year olds was Lot 7, a real stout made bull, LMG Gills Vin Diesel 2638, who weaned off at 859 lbs and sold to a new customer, Darrin Hoger of New Salem, N.D., for $11,000.

Next in line was Lot 51, a classy made Vin Diesel son who sold to repeat customer Dean Gaikowski of Waubay, S.D., for $9,750.

Lot 2 was another powerful Vin Diesel son who was a crowd favorite as well. He sold to another good repeat customer, Mike Lacey of New Town, N,D., for $9,500.

Lot 72 was a CT Grand Statement 1025 son, and has been a favorite of the Gill’s all year, and he turned a lot of heads sale day. He was a long and thick made bull in a moderate frame. He sold to a new customer, David Wolfe from Scranton, Iowa, for $9,250.

Lot 12 is another Grand Statement son with a lot of eye appeal and power bred into him. He sold to long time repeat customer Perry Anderson from Elm Creek, Neb., for $9,000.

Another repeat customer, Ron Monzlewski of Bismarck, N.D., picked up the next good bull as Lot 19. He is a son of LMG Gills Red Dawg 9906 and weaned off pushing the 800 lb mark. When the gavel hit, he sold for $9000

Sonny Sandquist, neighbor and repeat customer of the Gills, picked up an impressive Victory son. This may have been the longest bull in the sale, and he also sold for $9,000.

Lot 11 also left the ring at $9,000, selling to Danny Miles from Conde, S.D., This guy is a son of LMG Gills Bull Dawg 8507. He is an impressive, classy made bull with a lot of power.

Yearling bulls

Repeat customer, Dan and Tara Hooper of Merriman, Neb., will always buy one or two out of the top at Gill Red Angus. He did it again this year with the purchase of a real deep, and thick made bull. Lot 116 was the top selling yearling of the day at $10,000 and is a 6 Mile Winchester son.

Lot 132, LMG Gills Lancer 3626, was the next high dollar yearling bull selling to repeat customer, Darrel Sehn, from Linton, N.D. This guy was a powerful calving ease bull who had a 72 lbs birth weight and weaned off at 723 lbs and sold for $9,750.

Lot 176, LMG Gills Packer 3685, who is an ET son out of Messmer Pack and LMG Miss Dynette 3041 was next. He is a classy made bull who has a lot of thickness and depth of rib to him. He sold to repeat customer, Jorey Dahners from Almont, N.D., for $9,750.

Another good repeat customer, Wallace Wock from Dickinson, N.D., purchased Lot 118. This guy was a favorite by nearly everyone who saw him. He is a deep bodied, thick made, top calving ease bull who was born with a 68 lbs birth weight and weaned off at 761 lbs. He sold for $9,500.

Lot 119, LMG Gills Fat Tony 3505, came next in line. This bigger framed, powerful calving ease bull was dark red and long made. He sold to repeat customer, Rodney Frickel from Atkinson, Neb., for $9,250.

Lot 117, LMG Gills Victory 3501, is another top calving ease bull who came out at 70 lbs and weaned off at 774 lbs. This deep bodied bull was also a favorite and sold to another repeat customer, Jeff Stratinger from Isabel, S.D., for $9,000.

This was a very successful sale for the Gill family with many volume buyers including

Tim and Dan DeBoer, Corsica, S.D. – 9 bulls

Dallas Schott, McLaughlin, S.D.– 7 bulls

Sonny Sandquist, Trail City, S.D. – 6 bulls

Bruce Ranch, Hayes, S.D. – 5 bulls

Aberle Ranch, Glencross, S.D. – 5 bulls

Shane Sweet, New Castle, Wyo., – 5 bulls

Bulls sold into the following states: Wyoming, South Dakota, Tennessee, North Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Oklahoma and Montana. 106 sold bulls to S.D. ranchers, 41 bulls sold to N.D. ranchers, 31 bulls sold to Neb., ranchers. F

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