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Golliher Arena hosts: ‘Open To The World Breakaway and Tie-Down Roping’

The Open To The World Breakaway and Tie-Down Roping was held at Golliher’s Arena, Spearfish, SD on Oct. 30, 2010. A big turnout of ropers made for fast and tough competition. The weather was fine and added to the success of the day. The popular breakaway and tie-down ropings are gaining in number throughout the region and are great to watch as they progress through the rounds and the times add up, as the ropers are all gunning for the fast time to win the average.

Here are the results:

Senior men’s breakaway: 1. J.D. Grieves, Upton, WY; 2. Dwight Hanson, Killdeer, ND; 3. Gerald McInerny, Sundance, WY; and 4. Bob Burke, Sundance, WY.

Ladies breakaway: 1. Jodi Bubel, Dickinson, ND; 2. Brandi Guttormson, Killdeer, ND; 3. Joey Painter, Buffalo, SD; 4. Jessica Holmes, Rapid City, SD; 5. Tess Haugen, Alexander, ND; and 6. Misty Elliot, address unknown.

Open breakaway: 1. Delbert Cobb, Red Owl, SD; 2. Gerald McInerny, Sundance, WY; 3. J.D. Grieves, Upton, WY; and 4. ReAnn Crane, Whitewood, SD.

Tie-down roping: 1. Bo Brown, address unknown; 2. Chad Pelster, Belle Fourche, SD; and 3. Corey Palmer, Platte, SD.

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