Gov. Gianforte Promotes Local Small Businesses in Eastern Montana

FORSYTH, Mont. – Kicking off the second leg of his 56 County Tour today, Governor Greg Gianforte today met with small business owners and a high school apprentice student during stops in Yellowstone and Rosebud counties.

“It’s great to back on the road this week in eastern Montana to visit four small businesses that are creating jobs, increasing opportunities, and making our communities stronger,” Gov. Gianforte said.

Beginning the afternoon in Billings, the governor toured Blue Creek Marbled Meat Company which recently received a $300,000 grant from the state to build a new meat slaughter facility. Under the governor’s leadership, meat processed at state-inspected facilities in Montana has doubled this fiscal year to date.

Traveling to Forsyth, Gov. Gianforte met with a high school apprentice at Cowboy Meat Company, a meat processing plant and retail outlet which offers apprenticeship opportunities to students participating in the Aim Higher High School Apprenticeship Program.

“It’s fantastic to have these young kids come through the program,” Charlie Hollenbeck, chief executive officer of Cowboy Meat Co. said. “It gives them the opportunity to get exposed to business while also building skills to take with them. This may not be their end, but at least we’ve helped them establish a foundation so they can excel moving forward.”

Promoting apprenticeship programs that empower Montanans with in-demand skills, create good-paying Montana jobs, and build a stronger workforce is a central element of the governor’s Montana Comeback Plan.

To cap off the day, the governor visited two small businesses started by Forsyth natives who moved out of state and came home to Montana where they started their businesses. First, Gov. Gianforte met with Angela Campbell and her husband T.K. Kantner, owners of Rusty Dog Antiques, a local antique shop. Campbell and Kantner opened Rusty Dog Antiques after returning home from Wisconsin to be closer to family in 2020.

“When we sat down and made a list of everything we wanted – moving home, moving back to Montana – we realized that our hometown actually had it all, plus our family and friends were there. What we never expected was the overwhelming support we’ve received from the community,” said Angela Campbell, owner of Rusty Dog Antiques. “From the moment our doors open to the moment they close, it’s like we’re meeting new friends constantly.”

Then, the governor paid a visit to Style Alley, a local boutique started by Forsyth native Angie Dickinson. Dickinson moved from Montana 20 years ago and returned home to open Style Alley and add vibrancy to her hometown.

The governor’s 56 County Tour continues tomorrow in eastern Montana.

Gov. Gianforte and Ag Director Christy Clark tour Blue Creek Marbled Meat Company before sampling meat processed at the facility. Governor Gianforte
Courtesy photo

– Governor Gianforte

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