Governor applauds SLIB board approval |

Governor applauds SLIB board approval

CHEYENNE, Wyo. – In the wake of the Goshen/Ft. Laramie irrigation tunnel collapse on July 17, Governor Gordon applauded today’s unanimous State Loan Investment Board (SLIB) vote approving Goshen Irrigation District’s (GID) Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) application.

The irrigation district will receive $4 million in low-interest loan funding, which will provide much-needed assistance to finance repairs deemed crucial to the functional operations of the failed tunnel. The tunnel is a critical component of irrigation infrastructure that delivers water to more than 100,000 acres of cropland in Wyoming and Nebraska.

The CWSRF is the best funding option that SLIB can offer, with the possibility of a grant component in the form of “Principal Forgiveness.” It offers a 30-year, low-interest reimbursement loan and provides flexibility for GID to phase the long-term repairs in order to help save on overall costs.

“There’s nothing more important in Wyoming than our water,” Governor Gordon said. “All hands continue to be on deck to help GID as they work to make cost-conscious decisions for the long haul. I want to thank the capable staff at the Office of State Lands and Investments who took the initiative to utilize the CWSRF as one part of a suite of solutions that will need to be available. This is how we get things done in Wyoming— through good relationships between GID, the Governor’s office, the Bureau of Reclamation and local decision makers.”

“There’s nothing more important in Wyoming than our water”–Gordon, Governor –

The Governor, his staff, the Office of State Lands and Investments, the Wyoming Water Development Office, and other state agencies have met regularly with representatives of the GID Board and local elected officials to coordinate efforts in response to the tunnel failure. The CWSRF loan will apply to the emergency fixes to repair the tunnel collapse. Long-term repair solutions for the tunnel and associated canal infrastructure will be ongoing.

–Governor Gordon


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