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Hall-Pokorny Annual Production Sale

Larry Fear, Sutherland, Neb., repeat Hall-Pokorny bull buyer.

Date: March 13, 2014

Location: Lincoln County Fairgrounds, North Platte,, NE

Auctioneer: Kyle Gilchrist

Average: 122 bulls – $4,297

The 38th annual Hall-Pokorny Red Angus production sale was held on March 13 at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds, North Platte, Neb. Buyers from numerous states made their way to the sale and enjoyed a beautiful sunshiny day. These bulls sold very well to the large crowd of buyers and bidders in the seats and represented online.

This is a working set of bulls, they were in excellent sale shape with a little more condition than in past years, but definately not pushed at the feed bunk. There were several herd sire prospects in the sale offering along with many excellent performance and calving ease “rancher bulls.”

Top selling bulls:

The top selling bull for the day was Lot 4, HLH High Life 6090 3055, a Feb. 15, 2013, son of Red SSS Oly 554T with EPDs of BW -2.7, WW 67, YW 115, Milk 19. This bull was purchased by Erv Warner, Arapahoe, Neb., for $10,000.

Lot 13, HLH Julian 8110 3186, a March 13, 2013, son of Red Hill B571 Julian 84S with EPDs of BW -4.1, WW 53, YW 93, Milk 17 sold to repeat buyer Richard Rankin, Spalding, Neb., for $8,500.

The next high selling bull at $8,250 was lot 1, HLH Conquest 1171 3009, a Feb. 3, 2013, son of HXC Conquest 4405P with EPDs of BW -4.2, WW 60, YW 98, Milk 18, selling to Tom Christen, Anselmo, Neb.

Russ Finney, Mullen, NE bought lot 29 at $8,000. Poke Oly 1243 3011 is a Feb. 4, 2013, son of Red SSS Oly 554T with EPDs of BW -2.2, WW 68, YW 124, Milk 16.

Also selling for $8,000 was Lot 25, HLH Conquest 8292 3319, a March 12, 2013, son of BUF Crk Golden Nugget X144 with EPDs of BW 2.2, WW 72, YW 127, Milk 23 to Bob Rodewald, Sheridan, Mont.

This was an excellent sale for the Hall and Pokorny families. The cattle were displayed in decent sized pens so potential buyers could look them over and see the soundness when they traveled.

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