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Butler: Have we lost the arts of civility and integrity?

J. Dudley Butler
former GIPSA Administrator

I was always taught that civility and integrity were rooted in Matthew 7:12. For those of you that don’t know your Bible that is where you find the “Golden Rule.” However we always seem to find exceptions to it even though it contains no exclusions.

For those who may claim that I am trying to be to righteous, let’s find a more common set of standards. How about the Gene Autry’s Cowboy Code. https://truewestmagazine.com/gene-autry-cowboy-code/ .

You will recognize some of our manufactured exceptions. I know it’s not right but that’s just business. I know it’s not right but that just politics. I know it’s not right but I need the money. I know it’s not right but I was just trying to be funny.

Down South we long ago developed a “cure all” for our sometimes harsh or derogatory language about others. We just end our statements with “bless their hearts”.

What those of us that live in “Rural America” must realize is that our share of the population has been decreasing for years as has the number of people actually making at least part of their living of the land. The bottom line is we need the help of others to save our way of life and our ability to make a living in the places we call home.

I always remember what my mama used to say, “John Dudley you catch more flies with sugar that you do with vinegar”.

So for any of us who dare venture into the world of comedy and feel the uncontrollable impulse to insult someone that we don’t even know, we need to remember to end it with “bless their heart.”

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