Hereford Assoc., Jrs. launch feed steer contest |

Hereford Assoc., Jrs. launch feed steer contest

The American Hereford Association (AHA) and National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA) are teaming up with Gregory Feedlots, Inc. to launch the 2017 NJHA Fed Steer Shootout.

The program is an opportunity for NJHA members to gain invaluable cattle-feeding industry education and experience. Participants will have the ability to estimate feedyard performance and carcass merit, and then compare the information to actual performance data. They will also measure and compare the profitability of their animals during the contest.

“This is a fun and competitive program that will allow junior members to find out what their herd genetics are capable of doing,” said Shane Bedwell, AHA COO and director of breed improvement. “There are many great young breeders utilizing progressive genetics. This program will help recognize their efforts and provide learning opportunities to help them make selection decisions in the future.”

To qualify for the steer-only program, cattle must be purebred Hereford or Hereford-influenced steers. Hereford-influenced steers must meet Certified Hereford Beef (CHB®) live-animal specifications to qualify for the Shootout. In addition, cattle in the program must have a birthdate of Jan. 1, 2016, or later, have a weight of 600-800 pounds, have been weaned 30 days or more prior to delivery and have had two rounds of vaccinations.

Steers must be delivered to Gregory Feedlots, Inc., Tabor, Iowa, between Jan. 2-20, 2017. Alternate delivery points may be available based on area participation. All costs will be financed by the feedyard through the competition, with total expenses deducted from final payment at the conclusion of the contest. A final report will be returned to participants at the conclusion of the contest.

Winners of the shootout will be announced at the 2017 AHA Annual Membership Meeting Honoree Reception hosted in Kansas City, Mo. Categories include feedyard performance, carcass performance and overall performance in the purebred, Hereford-influenced, pen of 3 and individual divisions.

To learn more about the program, contact Trey Befort, AHA director of commercial programs, at 816-842-3757 or Go here to view the entry form for the program.

–American Hereford Association