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High Plains “Bucking to Vegas” Circuit Finals results

The Buckin’ To Vegas High Plains Jr. Tour Circuit Finals was Sept. 29, and the Ford brothers from last week’s story both qualified for the Jr. Roughstock World Finals. Jackson won the 12-14 mini saddle broncs and will head to Las Vegas in first place with 10 points. Kashton placed fourth in the mini barebacks and is also going to Vegas with 7 points.

The Jr. Roughstock World Finals will be held December 4-10, just before the start of the WNFR in Las Vegas. Competing there will be youth ranging in ages from 6-17 years and in four divisions. The Jr. Tour was created to start roughstock riders off at an early age with size appropriate stock, thus building a base for roughstock riders of the future.

Results from the High Plains “Buckin’ To Vegas” Jr Tour & Circuit Finals on Sept 29 in Fort Pierre, South Dakota.

Rider information is listed as follows:

name, hometown, state, points earned, placing, qualification for Vegas finals

6-9 Bareback

Hayes Weinberger, Breien, ND, 10, Champion, Qualified

JD Chavez, Highmore, SD, 9, Res. Champion, 1st Alternate

David Biggins, Gregory, SD, 8, 3rd, 2nd Alternate

Ryggan Lambley, Burke, SD, 7, 4th, 3rd Alternate

Emmett Sprague, Bartlett, NE, 6, 5th, 4th Alternate

10-11 Bareback

Talon Ping, Highmore, SD, 10, Champion, Qualified

Tyson Schmelzle, Gillette, WY, 9, Reserve Champion, Qualified

Taos Weborg, St. Charles, SD, 8, 3rd, Pre-Qualified

Lane Stuwe, Hoven, SD, 7, Hoven, SD, 7, 4th, Qualified

Aidyn Garwood, Butte, NE, 6, 5th, Qualified

Rowdy Mott, Watford City, ND, 4, 7th, 2nd Alternate

Peter Jones, Annandale, MN, 3, 8th, 3rd Alternate

12-14 Bareback

Coy Hepper, Keene, ND, 10, Champion, Qualified

Taylon Carmody, Mobridge, SD, 9, Res. Champion, Qualified

Tate Schlueter, Corona, SD, 8, 3rd, Qualified

Kashton Ford, Sturgis, SD, 7, 4th, Qualified

Devon Moore, Clear Lake, SD, 5, 5th, 1st Alternate

Tristan Spencer, Onida, SD, 6, 6th, 2nd Alternate

15-17 Bareback

Alex Nelson, Worden, MT, 10, Champion, Qualified

Chase Yellowhawk, Blunt, SD, 9, Res. Champion, Qualified

6-9 Saddle Bronc

Ryggan Lambley, Burke, SD, 10, Champion, Qualified

David Biggins, Gregory, SD, 9, Reserve Champion, 1st Alternate

10-11 Saddle Bronc

Brody Froelich, Selfridge, ND, 10, Champion, Qualified

Aiden Treetop, Fort Yates, ND, 9, Res. Champion, Qualified

Tyler Tvedt, Estelline, SD, 8, 3rd, Qualified

Taos Weborg, St. Charles, SD, 8, 4th, Pre-Qualified

Bentley Dehning, Gregory, SD, 6, 5th, Qualified

Raelee Riesland, Oshoto, WY, 5, 6th, 1st Alternate

12-14 Saddle Bronc

Jackson Ford, Sturgis, SD, 10, Champion, Qualified

Ty Brenna, Keene, ND, 9, Res. Champion, Qualified

Curtis Riesland, Oshoto, WY, 3rd, Qualified

15-17 Saddle Bronc

Sage Kvien, Valley City, ND, 10, Champion, Qualified

Ty Fladeland, Stanley, ND, 9, Res. Champion, Qualified

Brady Carlson, McLeod, ND, 8, 3rd, Qualified

–Results from Lazy 3 S Rodeo Company

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