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A look at Hobby Horse Creations

Grant sells more than just stick horses. Photo courtesy MATE

For Bonnie Grant it began as a hobby sewing outfits for her daughters, now Hobby Horse Creations is a successful stick horse business.

Bonnie worked in a coal mine for many years repairing equipment and describes herself as mechanically minded. It was natural for all of Bonnie’s creations to be her own design.

“Imagination is my guide and sometimes they can get a little wild.” The stick horses aren’t just natural colors, the combinations of colors for the head and manes range all over the rainbow. Purples and pinks are the best sellers.

As her four daughters were growing up she would take them to horse shows on the weekends. Bonnie noticed that there wasn’t a lot of toy or gift options for kids interested in horses, so she made some up herself. She turned her needle and thread pastime into supplemental income and now owns and runs Hobby Horse Creations.

““Imagination is my guide and sometimes they can get a little wild. Bonnie Grant, owner of Hobby Horse Creations

She has made hundreds and hundreds of stick horses, with what she considers the perfect pattern finalized about twenty years ago.

“The first ones were ugly, I kept working at it to get the right shape of a horse head,” Bonnie commented as she remembered when she first started.

She now has her stick horses copyrighted as well as Bucky Bull-a stick-horse like bull for the little boys and girls dreaming of becoming PBR stars.

Stick horses and bulls are her favorite but that’s not the only thing she crafts. She also makes wall hangings specifically with western designs. Her latest designs are silhouettes of all the different type of horse hobbies-cutting, roping, barrel racing, saddle bronc riding, etc.

Bonnie’s no stranger to making things that last either. Her quality pot holders can withstand 400 degree temperatures.

“I was sick of wimpy pot holders falling apart, so I made my own,” commented Bonnie.

Bonnie first learned how to sew when she was around 10 years old in 4-H when she lived in Pennsylvania. She lived in New Mexico for 18 years and now calls Dayton, Wyoming home. Bonnie travels to several trade shows setting up her booth and selling her western-themed wares.

Bonnie will bring her Hobby Horse Creations to the MATE for the first time this year. She’s previously been at the NILE trade show. Find her at booth 654 in the Montana Pavilion at the MATE show February 15-17, 2018.

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