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Holly Swee Receives Award of Merit Award

The South Dakota Association of Career and Technical Education is pleased to announce that Holly Swee has been awarded the SDACTE Award of Merit. She was recognized for the significant contributions made to improve, promote, and develop the progress of career and technical education.

Holly is the Director of Nutrition and Consumer Information of the South Dakota Beef Industry Council. In her position programs are offered to family and consumer sciences and Prostart teachers allowing them an opportunity to apply for funding to be used to purchase beef for cooking labs and nutrition educational resources to be used within the classroom setting. This program also allows family and consumer sciences teachers to partner with their school’s Ag teacher if applicable; therefore, having the potential to broaden their curriculum and share more “pasture-to-plate” learning opportunities to help reach a larger audience.

These programs have been offered for nine years. In 2016-17, 42 applications were funded which in turn impacted approximately 6,900 middle and high school-aged students across the state. That is an approximate 2,900 student increase over last year. The positive feedback from teachers who implement the program comment that they would not been able to afford beef cooking labs without these programs. The students enjoy the lessons provided in the lab situations and the material resources they receive from the SD Beef Council. Many utilize the materials in their homes.

Holly was also instrumental in partnering the SD Beef Council with the organization Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) to help sponsor the Beef It Up—FCCLA Cook-Off Challenge that was in its first year of operation. This sponsorship will continue to operate for the coming years.

For her dedication and support of career and technical education through the funding, educational resources and sponsorship of activities, Holly is a very deserving recipient of this award.

– South Dakota Association of Career and Technical Education

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