Holy Week

Last week we prepped and hustled for a storm that passed us by. As I write this, many of our neighbors to the north are on day three of a historic blizzard. One friend said her family ran out of room in the barns for the last 100 head of ewes and lambs. They resorted to calf huts for shelter, only to find the huts completely snowed over when they checked them hours later – the wind in this blizzard keeps changing. Fortunately, all the sheep were alive inside, but there will be sickness and challenges even after the storm is gone.

Meanwhile, we got the wind and the cold, and that is it. It has blown hard for the last few days, and frankly, it is starting to seem as if the only weather we get southeast of Rapid City is wind. We are working hard not to be bitter about the ongoing lack of moisture, as we pray for those who are finally getting it, but in a costly form.

This week my children and I are also following Jesus’ activities in the days leading up to His crucifixion.

On Monday, Jesus washed His disciples’ feet, a job typically done only by the lowest of slaves, as an example of how we are act. He cleansed the temple, and taught. By Wednesday, one of the men whose feet He washed betrayed Him, and two days later He was crucified. We haven’t made it to the glory of Sunday in our lessons, yet. But, you all know the miracle of our salvation that occurs on that day. This is the plain and simple, four- and six-year-old coverage of events, but it still packs a punch.

Jesus knew how it would all play out. That He would be betrayed, more than once, and that He would die a slow and painful death. He also knew He would, “Get real again,” as my four-year-old puts it. That death would not win over Him. Lastly, Jesus knew what awaited Him in His heavenly home. And He was still willing to live His entire human life, and die, on our behalf.

Nothing within Jesus’ story, from birth to crucifixion to resurrection occurred by chance, or accident. It was all part of the Father’s plan.

The same is true of each of us. Nothing in our lives is by chance. Not our occupation. Not the blizzards, the droughts, or the years of ideal moisture, abundant grass, high yields and heavy calves. We were all made for such a time as this, and these events were all set before us, that we would walk through them, doing good as we go.

While we do not know what is to come, nor can we completely understand what Heaven will be like, we are each created in the image of the One who did know, and who walked perfectly that we may be there with Him upon completion of our work here on earth.

Happy Easter.

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