Hould Angus ‘Cattle With Maternal Performance Genetics With Maternal Integrity’ Annual Bull Sale

TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: 04/02/2022

Location: Hould Angus Ranch-Havre, Montana

Auctioneer: Kyle Shobe

44 Bulls Averaged $4,688

9 Bred Cows & Pairs Averaged $2,288

Sale Highlights:

Lot 18 at $8,000, JBOB SOLITUDE 154, 4/6/21, JBOB SOLITUDE 810 x BASIN RAINMAKER F156, Sold to CCK Angus-Florence, South Dakota

Lot 19 at $8,000, JBOB SOLITUDE 152, 4/5/21, JBOB SOLITUDE 810 x OCC ANCHOR 771A, Sold to MC Cattle-Erickson, Nebraska

Lot 31 at $8,000, JBOB GENETIC RUSTLER 156, 4/6/21, JBOB GENETIC RUSTLER 440 x OCC JET STREAM 825J, Sold to Scott Svoboda-Sargent, Nebraska

Lot 11 at $7500, JBOB SOLITUDE 160, 4/7/21, JBOB SOLITUDE 810 x CSU RITO 4114, Sold to Browning Angus-Fallon, Montana

Lot 17 at $7000, JBOB SOLITUDE 162, 4/6/21, JBOB SOLITUDE 810 x JBOB WANDERING CRK 304, Sold to Tait Obrtsch-Fairfield, North Dakota

Beautiful spring weather was on hand Saturday April 2, 2022 for the Sixth Annual Hould Angus ‘Cattle With Maternal Performance Genetics With Maternal Integrity’ Bull Sale, held at the ranch outside of Havre, Montana. J Bob Hould presented the buyers a strong offering of OCC and Emulation Genetics in a uniform and even set of bulls, along with a variety of bred females and pairs. Congratulations on a great sale!

Tait Obrtsch, Fairfield, ND (right), visits with another customer at the Hould sale.

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