House budget resolution to cut food stamps budget

Twenty-two Republican House members who voted for the House budget resolution would see benefit cuts in food stamps or SNAP benefits for more than a million of their own constituents, the Food Research and Action Center said in a release this week.

The budget resolution calls for turning SNAP — the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program — into a state-run program in 2021 with limited funding.

“That cut would slash the program by a third in those years, reducing monthly benefits for every individual receiving SNAP by many hundreds of dollars per year, or, throw many millions of beneficiaries out of the program, or effect a combination of the two,” FRAC said. “These members voted to end or reduce benefits for many thousands of SNAP recipients who live in their districts.”

According to FRAC’s analysis, the 22 districts contain 705,775 households receiving SNAP, with a total of 1.475 million beneficiaries.

The districts of Rep. Scott Garnett, R-N.J., and Mario Diaz Balart, R-Fla., each have more than 50,000 households receiving SNAP benefits.

–The Hagstrom Report