The Cowboy Pastor’s Wife: How To Finally Quit Procrastinating |

The Cowboy Pastor’s Wife: How To Finally Quit Procrastinating

The neighbor called last week and said a couple of our bulls were in his pasture…but he added, “no hurry.” Oh no,don’t say that…he shouldn’t have!

You know what triggered in my procrastinating mind? It means… “at my leisure, at our convenience, whenever, when the weather is warmer…three weeks from now”….you see what I mean?

Here it is a week later and we saw them yesterday from the highway. They were standing right there, smokin’ a cigarette, lounging by the water trough with the cows. “Guys…the gig is up!” Plus we noticed on caller ID the neighbor called again. UUGGHH!

Now we’re playing roulette with our “neighborly” duties….and urgency has now set in!

Have you ever done this? You have that thing to get done, the appointment you need to make,phone call you’ve put off, the place you know you need to be or that chore that is way past due and now it’s urgent?

Welcome to January! The pressing urgency to make those goals or complete what you failed to do in November and December.

But here it is! How do we just get things done, despite short days, hectic schedules, slopping the hog…you know… a million other things. How do we keep from saying, “I’ll do it tomorrow?”

By this one thing… THE PROCRASTINATION LIST. This one is not so easy because first of all you have to admit you’re a procrastinator. “Hello my name is Norma and I’m a procrastinator” and everyone says…. “Hello Norma!”

Next, schedule one a day for the next 30 days. When you’re usually on social media or watching the “ole tube and try this instead….turn to “the list”.

1. What one thing on the list can I complete in 30 minutes?

2. What one thing is more urgent than the others?

3. What one thing do I have the means to do in this moment?

For example, if It’s 9 P.M. you probably can’t see the bulls in the neighbor’s pasture unless he’s trained to a horn and you have a spotlight.

Finally, complete said “list” item and reward yourself. Now here’s some ideas for that sweet reward…just in case you’re looking. Read a book, watch your favorite western, pop some corn, call a friend, look thru pictures, play music…I can go on and on…did I forget to say…”chocolate”? Always a good time for chocolate.

You see sometimes we just need to start something we’ve been putting off in order to complete it. Actually starting is the hardest part.

I’ve been doing my list for a few days now. My family doesn’t even recognize me.

They’re like, “Who’s that girl in the work gloves and cap, running around getting things done? Did we hire a new hand?”

As for the the bulls- they will be home today!

So how about you? What would be the first thing on your procrastination list? If you’re like me you could list more than 30. Now schedule these things on your calendar or simply pick one item a day and see if your family wonders what on earth happened. It sure helped me.

Thank ya’ll for reading. You can find me at

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