How to obtain fire information in Great Plains attack zone |

How to obtain fire information in Great Plains attack zone

Public Information Officers (PIOs) from Federal and State agencies continue to work together to distribute information about initial attack fires within the Great Plains initial attack zone.

(Note: The Great Plains initial attack zone includes public and private land in the Black Hills in South Dakota, in east/northeastern Wyoming and western Nebraska.)

One common phone number, e-mail, blog, and Twitter account are staffed during initial attack fires by an on call PIO who works closely with the Great Plains Dispatch Center to provide interagency fire information.

Great Plains Fire Information/PIO Contact Information:

Phone Number – (605) 923-8868

Email –

Blog –

Twitter – @GPFireInfo

It is important to note that people who wish to receive fire information within the Great Plains initial attack zone, should subscribe to the blog, follow the Twitter account or subscribe to the Atom Feed (available on blog) as news releases are no longer sent out via the Google e-mail account.

If a post has been made on the blog, one automatic e-mail a day will be sent to those who subscribe with all of the daily fire updates. The blog link may also be checked anytime of the day to see any updates that have been made on initial attack fires.

To subscribe to the blog:

-Click on

-In the “Follow by E-mail” box on the right side of the webpage, enter your e-mail address that you wish to receive updates at.

-Hit “Submit”

-A pop-up box will appear asking you to enter a word in a box to verify that your e-mail is not spam.

-Enter the word that is shown and then click “Complete Subscription Request”


For questions, please call the PIO phone number at (605) 923-8868 or e-mail

–Great Plains Fire Information