Humane and handy calf hobble |

Humane and handy calf hobble

The calf can sit up and be in a relaxed position while staying restrained with the Calf Hobble. Photos courtesy Jim Wurnig

Calving time is in full swing in much of the country and anything that can make that easier would surely be welcome. When a calf needs to be restrained to move it or just keep it in one place, the options are usually a piece of baler twine or a piggin’ string. Though they work, either can be hard to keep on the calf and unfortunately, can cause discomfort or injury to the calf.

It was while pondering that problem five or six years ago, that Jim Wurnig started thinking about a better way to restrain a calf. Wurnig, a South Dakota native rancher, who now resides at Kimball, Neb.,

studied on the problem until he came up with a prototype of what he now calls his Calf Hobble.

“It took me a half dozen tries to get the dimensions right so that it works for about all calves. I gave a lot of them away at first to get people to tell me how they worked and if I needed to change anything,” says Wurnig.

“The calf can still have some movement but are subdued so you can put him on the floorboards or in the back of the pickup or side-by-side without them fighting it. Since they can sit up, they struggle for a moment or two then seem to calm right down,” says Wurnig, adding “The Calf Hobbles don’t hurt the calf’s legs like twine or a hard piggin’ string and you can leave them with it on for a long time. When you take it off, the calf just walks away without a limp or any swelling. I never liked using twine ‘cause the calf would have to be tied so tight to keep it on him that it hurt its legs. They also fought harder when tied like that, causing more stress to the calf.”

The humane Calf Hobble is a multi-purpose tool as well, as in a pinch, it can be used to pull a calf if a cow is having trouble and you don’t have your regular arsenal of tools at hand. The Calf Hobble is small enough to fit in a coat pocket, hang on a saddle or on an ATV without taking up extra space. They are bright colored to show up well if dropped. It’s made of durable materials and should last for decades as well.

Wurnig started selling them about two years ago. He keeps a small stock on hand and can mail them out right away. He gets $20 for the Calf Hobble and that includes shipping. He can make up a large order in a short amount of time if needed. He can be reached at:

Jim Wurnig

500 Madison St.

Kimball, NE 69145


Anything that is better for the calf and easier on the person handling it is a good product and this one is field tested and proven beyond a doubt, to make life easier for both.

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