Humorous cartoons fill S.D. artist’s third book |

Humorous cartoons fill S.D. artist’s third book

Sometimes Christmas shoppin’ can be harder than cleanin’ out the chicken house…an’, like that other errand, it’s pretty easy to put off. However, in both cases, it only gets worse the longer you wait. So – enough with the procrastination, the dreading – I have the perfect solution. To the shoppin’ that is, you’re on your own with the chicken house…

No doubt you hunt up the cartoons of Jan Swan Wood as soon as your new TSLN is unfolded on the kitchen table next to your hot cup of coffee; so I don’t have to tell you the truly ranch-y, been-there-done-that, gut bustin’ joy Jan delivers. If you’re especially lucky, you may already be the proud owner of a book or two of her humor. Now, just in time for your Christmas shopping convenience, Jan has released her third great cartoon book. An’ just in case all your friends don’t own the first two books, they’re still available as well.

Proud to join “It’s A Great Life If You Don’t Weaken” and “A Miss By An Inch Is As Good As A Mile” on your shelf of favorite books comes “Never A Dull Moment.” Filled to bustin’ with Jan’s colorful art – tastefully interspersed with restful black-and-white giggles – it’s sure to be a hit with everyone on your Christmas shopping list.

It’s the best danged “one-size-fits-all” bargain I’ve ever run across, and I know it’ll work as well for you. Toppin’ it off is the amazing price, just $15 per book – and the shippin’ gets cheaper the more you order. That’d be $2.50 for one book, but you can get three delivered to your mailbox for just $5, so be sure to order plenty. There’s always that one name you forgot to put on the list, and havin’ an extra book or two in the cupboard can save you a world of embarrassment. Best of all, Jan’s takin’ pre-orders right now, so you can quickly cross all the names off that list an have time to watch every WNFR re-run. An’ the cover is so colorful, all you’ll haft’a do is add a bow and it’s ready to deliver – think of the time and money that’ll save ya’!

Just contact Jan at 605-456-2559 or to give her your order. Or, send a note and check to 13340 Hope Rd, Newell, SD 57760. (South Dakota residents need to add 60 cents per book for the Governor.)

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