I-BAND applauds N.D. House passage of new bill requiring accurate labeling of alternative meat

2/11/2019 ~ Last week the North Dakota House of Representatives passed House Bill 1400, legislation that will regulate consumer labeling of alternative meat products. The bill requires that alternative products be labeled plainly and accurately for consumers as to the production practice used in their manufacture. The Independent Beef Association of North Dakota (I-BAND), a cattlemen’s group responsible for bringing the bill forward, is applauding last week’s passage of HB 1400 in an 87:1 vote. The bill will now be sent to the North Dakota Senate for consideration.

Dwight Keller, I-BAND President, said his group is unanimous in its support for expanding consumer transparency through labeling of alternative meats. “HB 1400 has taken a big legislative step forward with House passage and we are very pleased to have played a pivotal role in that process. I-BAND members believe in partnering with consumers in a transparent relationship that includes truthful labeling and advertising. Generations of North Dakota beef producers have devoted themselves to building trust with consumers. It is our intention to continue growing that relationship. We’re finding that today’s consumers want more and more information about the food they purchase and it is incumbent upon us to answer that call. Consumers deserve to know whether the meat they are purchasing is derived from an animal in the traditionally accepted manner or if it’s produced through a different, unconventional production method.”

Keller continued, “I am very proud that I-BAND members have been the catalyst for this legislation and are doing the heavy lifting to gain its passage. From helping draft the bill, to seeking sponsors, to communicating with policy-makers and gaining their engagement in the process, I-BAND has been the driver behind this grassroots legislative effort. When the measure crosses over to the North Dakota Senate later this month, I-BAND members will be there working diligently with lawmakers to gain their support. We look forward to working with senators so they understand that our intention is to build on and continue to grow the trusting relationship the North Dakota beef industry has with consumers. I urge senators to contact I-BAND leadership if they have any questions about this measure. We look forward to senate passage of HB 1400 and the bill being signed into law,” said Keller.

–Independent Beef Association of North Dakota