Independent Cattlemen of Nebraska support recent checkoff activities |

Independent Cattlemen of Nebraska support recent checkoff activities

The Independent Cattlemen of Nebraska (ICON) is pleased with the announcement that the Nebraska Beef Council (NBC) certified, at a Dec. 14 meeting, the Nov. 15 election of Chris Abbott as director of District 2. We applaud the NBC for upholding the integrity of the election process with a majority vote by the board, while listening to the producers who cast their vote for director in their respective district.

ICON believes that allowing producers, who pay into the Checkoff, to elect directors that represent their interest to the Nebraska Beef Council, is fundamental to insuring that their Checkoff money is spent wisely.

“We are committed to working with the NBC board of directors to insure that the election process is not only preserved but improved upon to make it more producer-friendly” said ICON Executive Director Destry Brown. “It is our goal to see that all qualified producers receive a ballot in future elections.”

ICON also announces that U.S. Secretary of Ag Tom Vilsak has recently appointed Dave Wright, Neligh, NE, and Al Davis, Hyannis, NE, to the Cattlemen’s Beef Board (CBB). The CBB is responsible for the oversight of $.50 of every Checkoff dollar on the national level. Dave Wright and Al Davis will each serve a three-year-term on the CBB.

“ICON is elated that Dave and Al, both ICON members, were appointed by Secretary Vilsak to this position. Both of these men have served the cow-calf producers of Nebraska sacrificially and with integrity. We are confident that they will continue to represent Nebraska cow-calf producers with their recent appointment,” commented Destry Brown, Executive Director ICON.

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