Independent Cattlemen of Wyoming to work on tax issues, more during legislature |

Independent Cattlemen of Wyoming to work on tax issues, more during legislature

The Board of Directors of ICOW (Independent Cattlemen of Wyoming) met in Casper on Jan. 15, 2018 to elect new officers. With the new officers up and running, they are currently tackling such issues looming in the legislative budget session as fighting the tax issue of raising property taxes by 2 percent (in reality more, when viewing the method of calculation), a sales tax to be put on all current exemptions including medical expenses, health insurance premiums, groceries, etc., affecting not only ICOW members, but all Wyoming citizens, and a preliminary Gross Receipts bill which would require documentation from every businesses’ gross (not net) receipts to the Secretary of State’s office, for future “potential sources of revenue,” i.e. taxes. Once they gather that information, they can move forward to passing such a bill in the future.

New officers who are leading the charge from 2018 through 2019 are: Bobby Giesse, ICOW president, Les Barkhurst, ICOW vice-president, Nina David, ICOW secretary, and Joyce Menke, ICOW treasurer. New directors were nominated at the annual meeting in November, and subsequently voted on by the members. Directors are divided in to regions, and the terms are staggered. Current directors are:

District 1 (Laramie, Goshen, Platte) Mark Bebo and Larry Goyen

District 2 (Carbon, Albany, Sweetwater) Les Barkhurst, Joyce Menke

District 3 (Teton, Sublette, Lincoln, Uinta) Jim Jensen, Nina David

District 4 (Campbell, Johnson, Sheridan) John Hanson, Nathan Williams

District 5 (Park, Big Horn, Washakie, Hot Springs) Stanley Jones

District 6 (Crook, Weston, Niobrara) Bobby Giesse, Justin Gerstner

District 7 (Fremont, Natrona, Converse) W. Frank Eathorne, Tammy Delyea

ICOW has standing committees for such things as animal health, water rights, federally administered lands, and property rights, but as noted above, ICOW deals with other issues as they arise that not only impact those in agriculture, but often the general citizenship.

–Independent Cattlemen of Wyoming

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