India may ban the sale of cattle for slaughter |

India may ban the sale of cattle for slaughter

News sources including ABC and BBC reported in the first days of June that India, the world’s second largest beef exporter after Brazil, banned the sale of cattle and buffalo for slaughter. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu Nationalist government approved a law that would require anyone selling cattle to provide a signature promising that the cattle would not be sold for slaughter.

Another news source, VOA, said a high court in the sourthern part of the state followed with a temporary block on the ban and gave federal and state governments four weeks from May 30 to respond. The appeal that caused the halt of the ban was based on the concept that indivuals have the right to choose their own food.

According to news stories, Indian beef accounts for 20 percent of the world’s export market. Beef is a $4 billion industry, according to ABC news.

Already in India, cattle slaughter is banned in 18 states, three states require permits for the slaughter of cattle and seven states allow cattle to be killed.

It is believed that conservative Hindus are behind the push to prevent bovine slaughter.

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