Iowa Premium Receives State’s First Chinese Beef Export Approval |

Iowa Premium Receives State’s First Chinese Beef Export Approval

TAMA, Iowa, June 29, 2017 – Iowa Premium today announced that it has received approval to export beef to China, making it the first Iowa-based company to gain such authorization. The Iowa Premium export approval comes just weeks after China officially opened its market to American beef following a 13-year ban.

“We are excited to supply Chinese consumers with consistent, high-quality, family farm-raised, Black Angus beef products,” said Jeffrey Johnson, CEO of Iowa Premium. “Iowa Premium believes China will be an excellent export partner and we look forward to building a long sustainable relationship.”

“Our beef is in demand, and we have had an extraordinary amount of inquiries from interested Chinese import companies. We are confident these valuable customers will appreciate the quality and consistency of Iowa Premium’s products,” said Johnson.

Iowa Premium maintains strict cattle procurement guidelines. Cattle are sourced only from family farmer-feeders in Iowa and neighboring Midwest states. All cattle are under 30 months of age and have been born, raised, and finished in the United States – these are key requirements for export to China.

“We have great partners in our local cattle feeders who maintain the necessary records for compliance with polices set forth by China. In turn, our team at Iowa Premium is judiciously auditing the required food safety and traceability protocols,” said Johnson.

For more information about Iowa Premium’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and animal welfare, visit:

–Iowa Premium

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