It’s Okay to Ask for Help – AgriStress Helpline, Free Mental Health Services Available for Wyoming Producers |

It’s Okay to Ask for Help – AgriStress Helpline, Free Mental Health Services Available for Wyoming Producers

The challenges in agriculture never seem to go away. In fact, many can feel that they just seem to pile up. Ag in Wyoming has always been a tough business. The unpredictable and often extreme weather, changing markets, rising costs, regulatory burdens, and working alone can mean a lot of pressure on producers and their families. Because of all of these factors, the Wyoming Department of Agriculture (WDA) wants to make sure our producers and those in the ag community know that help is available.

To help with these stressors and challenges, the WDA launched an AgriStress HelpLine for Wyoming producers. The hotline is a free service available to Wyoming producers and rural families seeking mental health support. The AgriStress HelpLine for Wyoming is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and producers and their families can call 833-897-2474 professional support.


The AgriStress HelpLine for Wyoming is supported by a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture that was awarded to the WDA to carry out programming to address farmer stress and suicide. In addition to the Department’s partnership with AgriSafe to launch the hotline, the grant dollars support free mental health counseling through a reimbursement program in partnership with Grace for 2 Brothers when our producers go and talk to a mental health professional when they are in need. The grant has also funded resources and training for citizens across Wyoming to help identify and discuss agricultural stress in our communities.

In Wyoming, producers and those in rural areas can face numerous challenges. Financial difficulties, farm or business problems, weather related stress, and the fear of losing the operation are only a few of the many issues that can greatly contribute to stress and mental health of our rural communities. Many of our producers take pride in their ability to handle all challenges that come their way and consequently, there can be a stigma around seeking help for mental health issues. For more information, producers or their provider can contact (307) 256-3344.  This is why it’s important that our producers are aware of all of the tools available to them when they may need them. This helpline and counseling reimbursements will provide another resource for farmers to reach out to trained professionals and get the assistance they may need.

Anyone who works in Wyoming agriculture and wants to talk to someone is encouraged to contact the AgriStress Helpline by calling 833-897-AGRI (2474).

For more information about the AgriStress HelpLine for Wyoming, or additional stress related resources can visit

–Wyoming Department of Agriculture