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Iversen: Big Ag and the Checkoff

Does Big Ag have an agenda? If somebody, or something, wanted to ruin the beef business, how would you go about doing it? Well, I imagine you would start by breaking all the cow/calf producers or make it so unprofitable that they do something else with their land or maybe even sell it so it no longer will be used for grazing livestock. This is another concern and expectation I have. that we can discuss later.

Second, I suppose you would make beef so expensive in the grocery store that consumers begin to consider an alternative protein source….chicken, pork or maybe even “meatless meat”! My guess is that while continuing to try to make “fake meat” look and taste like beef, they will push their agenda of utopia and that fake meat is healthier, sustainable and improves our environment.

It’s all part of a grander scheme folks!! We are being naive if we think “beyond beef” and the “impossible burger” are just fads. Negative propaganda regarding cattle, the way they are raised and their impact on the environment is hitting mainstream media and we must debunk these myths!

Why isn’t our beef checkoff running counter ads to educate consumers about the truth of livestock production and its benefit to the environment and the ecosystem. It’s because our Beef Checkoff is outdated and needs to be redesigned and realigned to more effectively address today’s consumers. Consumers of 1985, which is when the Beef Checkoff was initiated, are not the same as they are in 2021 and neither should our Beef Checkoff!

This is something we have the power to change without waiting for Congress to act or the DOJ to take a stand. Take time to sign the petition so our policy makers understand that producers want a Beef Checkoff that works for them and the product we raise…..USA Raised Cattle!

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