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J C Heiken Angus and Sons 7th Annual Production Sale

Darin Ficek and Doug Ficek of Manning, N.D., purchased their top picks of Heiken bulls.

Date: Feb. 25, 2014

Location: Miles City Livestock Commission

Auctioneer: Rob Frazer

Reported by: Andy Swenson

Average: 108 Yearling Angus bulls – $5,106

My hats off to Joe, John, Brian, Ben and the entire Heiken family for offering such an uniform and complete set of bulls at this year’s sale. There was a little of something for everyone in this sale offering. The Heiken family did a tremendous job getting these bulls sale ready. Stepping in to each pen, you saw nothing but quality bulls that were in good condition, full of muscle and depth, sound and ready to go to work for a cattleman because they started on hard dry land pasture and then placed on a high roughage ration.

Fertility, thickness, depth of body and efficiency have been the main objectives of the Heiken family from the start. The foundation of that start was also solid cow families. Looking through the pedigree’s of your favorite bulls, you see foundation sires of the dams such as Dateline, Right Time, New Frontier 095, New Design 878, Alliance, Front Page, Freightliner and Lead On.

These sons were the best of the best out of these cows, representing the top 111 of 300 bulls produced at the Heiken outfit. What a tremendous offering!

With the sale barn at standing room only, and even people sitting in the aisles, Rob Frasier of Miles City Livestock Commission (MCLC) got the sale started promptly. The action was intense and fast paced. Bidders had made their selections and the sale finished with a phenomenal average and the bulls all finding new homes.

It is easy to see that this family takes great pride in their cattle – Joe and Jeralee, John and his wife Kendra, and Brian and his wife Janna, and Ben and his wife Lynsey – work hard and are an inspiration to many. It’s an honor to be a part of their sale. (All the great food and desserts they provide is definitely an added bonus as well.)

Top Bulls.

Lot 11– $8,000 – A powerful son of Sitz Top Seed539X that is truly the herd bull kind. This bull had quite the spread on his EPD profile having a low 1.4 BW EPD and a +69 WW with an +111 YW. This new up and coming herd sire is headed to the XW Ranch in Ekalaka, Mont.

Lot 62 – $7,250.00 – A Connealy Final Product son out of a grand SAV Final Answer 0035 daughter. The Swope Ranch had their eyes on this future herd sire as soon as they walked the pens prior to sale time. This power bull had EPDs of (BW)2.0(WW)+66(YW)+115 and Milk of +36.

Lot 27 – $7,500.00 – This big topped Connealy Contrast son is headed to Powderville, Mont.. with the Crutzfeldt Ranch. A calving ease deluxe with lots of power to back it up plus eye appeal. EPDs of (BW).6(WW)48(YW)86 (MILK)21.

Lot 33 – $7,500.00 – A son of Sitz Top Seed 539X going to Tim Donnelly, of Miles City, Mont. This big time, sleep all night heifer bull had the look of a big time herd bull. Boasting EPDs of (BW)-3.2(WW)+58(YW)+99(MILK)+34. This bull ranks in the top 1 percent for CED and BW and the Top 3 percent for Milk.

Lot 6 – $7,250.00 A big spread calving ease specialist with tremendous hip, top and length to boot. This “make every basketball game” heifer bull has an EPD spread of (BW)-1.1(WW)+58(YW)+96(MILK)+28. This future herd sire of Connealy Judgement is headed to Park City, Mont., with Lowell Angus Ranch.