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Jamison Herefords and Quarter Horses

JA Nightwood Sun, a Jamison bred gelding sired by PC Citisun Cline sold for $13,500 at the Jamison sale.

12th Breeders & Ranchers Production Sale

November 6, 2015

At the ranch, Quinter, Kansas

Auctioneers ~ Lynn Weishaar and Seth Weishaar

Sale Mgmt. ~ United Livestock Brokers

TSLN Rep., Scott Dirk

38 Spring Bred Hereford Heifers avg. $4822

14 Fall Open Hereford Heifers avg. $3107

75 Commercial Black Baldie, Red Baldie and Angus Bred Heifers avg. $2274

39 Ranch Geldings avg. $6285

4 Saddle Mares avg. $6163

32 2015 Foals avg. $2835

2 Broodmares avg. $2050

Jamison Ranch presented and excellent offering of top of the line registered Hereford heifers, commercial bred heifers and quarter horses for their 12th Annual Breeders and Ranchers Production Sale.

Gordon Jamison and family are true stockmen. Raising world-renown L1 Hereford cattle and ranch horses that have a stamp of quality, conformation and soundness that will get a day’s work in, and looking good doing it.

The Jamisons’ dedication to raising Hereford cattle and top-notch quarter horses was rewarded with an excellent sale. This was probably the largest crowd of buyers I have seen since I have been attending this sale. The cattle were in excellent condition, not overdone and the horses were top of the line.

Cattle and horses sold into 20 states.


Lot 1, 13,500 JA L1 Dominette 400B, Jan. 2014 daughter of HH Advance 1098Y, bred to JA L1 Domino 1602Y. Buyer – Jamison Ranch, OK

Lot 24, $9000 JA L1 Dominette 4702B, Jan. 2014 daughter of CL1 Domino 860U was bred to JA L1 Domino 1602Y. Buyer – B&B Cattle, KS

Lot 12, $8250 JA L1 Dominette 4403B, Jan. 2014 daughter. of HH Advance 2181Z bred to HH Advance 3040A. Buyer – Jamison Ranch, OK

Lot 26, $7250 JA L1 Dominette 4719B, Feb. 2014 daughter of CL1 Domino 860U, bred to JA L1 Domino 1602Y. Buyer – Burt Keefe, AL

Lot 22, $6500 JA L1 Dominette 4603B, Jan. 2014 daughter of JA L1 Domino 1602Y, bred to HH Advance 4082B. Buyer – Schohr Herefords, CA


Lot 66, $4500 B&B L1 Dominette 4213, Nov. 2014 daughter. of CL1 Domino 9125W. Buyer – West Wind Hereford Farm, IL

2015 FOALS

$19,000 A PC Citisun Cline (Sun Frost) Palomino colt. Buyer – WR Horse & Cattle Co., PA

$4500 A PC Citisun Cline Palomino filly. Buyer – Tim Prevatt, FL

$4000 A PC Citisun Cline Buckskin colt. Buyer – Southern Cattle Co., AL

$3600 A PC Frost Em Peppy (Sun Frost) Sorrel colt. Buyer – Tim Prevatt, Fla.

$3500 A PC Frost Em Peppy Red Roan filly. Buyer – Gerald High, Penn.


19,500 Your Good Investment, a 2007 red roan son of Ima Zippo Good Bar. Buyer – Paul Howard, Colo.

17,500 Sophisticated Olena, a 2010 bay son of Sophisticated Catt. Buyer – Kyle Sybrant Ranch, Neb.

15,000 Black tie Special, a 2005 black son of Diamond O Cash. Buyer – K&C Quarter Horses, Kan.

13,500 JA Nightwood Sun, a 2010 sorrel son of PC Citisun Cline. Buyer – Tim Prevatt, Fla.

10,000 JA Senor Clinewood, a 2010 Buckskin son of PC Citisun Cline. Buyer – Don Wise, Kan.


$9500 JA Dancy Lasswood, a 2007 dun daughter of TR Special Drift. Buyer – Hotchkiss Ranch, SD