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Jamison Herefords Total Performance Production Sale

Doug Thorson, Thorson Herefords, Quinn, S.D., purchased a new herd bull prospect at the Jamison Hereford sale.

Date: Feb. 28, 2014

Location: At the ranch, Quinter, Kansas

Auctioneer: Lynn Weishaar

Reported by: Scott Dirk


71 Ylg bulls: $5,370

96 Two-year-old bulls: $4,792

23 Fall ylg bulls: $4,435

Gordon Jamison and sons presented the family’s annual bull sale at their headquarters located in the big ranch country of western Kansas near Quinter. Jamison’s is a cowherd program built upon the principles of performance testing, linebreeding and elite cow families. A volume selection of performance balanced, linebred, bulls strong in cowherd traits is the trademark of the JA brand.

Something that was very well received and noted was the eye pigmentation code on every bull. The Jamisons have been selecting and breeding for eye pigmentation and it has paid off. Also in the sale offering were several bulls from guest consignors and herd bull partners. These bulls had been developed and managed along side the Jamison bulls and carried the same guarantee.

Top Selling Bulls:

The high selling bull for the day was Lot 1, JA L1 Domino 302A, a Jan. 28, 2013, son of HH Advance 1098Y with EPDs of BW 1.6, WW 51, YW 82, Milk 27. B and B Cattle Company of Virgil, Kansas purchased three-quarter interest and full possession for $25,000.

Lot 41, JA L1 Domino 3601A, a Jan. 26, 2013, son of JA L1 Domino 1602Y with EPDs of BW 206, WW 50, YW 82, Milk 26. This bull was sold to Rusty Jamison, Beggs, Okla., and Chad Pond, Troup, Okla., for $20,000.

Lot 8, JA L1 Domino 342A, a Feb. 7, 2013 son of HH Advance 0132X with EPDs of BW 0.7, WW 41, YW 60, Milk 27. Rusty Jamison, Beggs, Okla., purchased three-quarter interest and full possession for $22,000.

The next high selling bull for the day was Lot 49, JA L1 Domino 3658A, a March 2, 2013 son of JA L1 Domino 7640T with EPDs of BW 1.5, WW 38, YW 67, Milk 22. This bull was sold to Norm Smith, Paonia, Colo., for $13,500.

Lot 26, BT L1 Domino 3305A, a Feb. 14, 2013 son of CL 1 Domino 9125W with EPDs of BW 3.7, WW 58, YW 89, Milk 30. This bull was purchased by Thorson Herefords, Quinn, S.D., for $11,000.

Lot 55, JA L1 Domino 3710A, a Feb. 14, 2013 son of CL1 Domino 860U with EPDs of BW 4.3, WW 60, YW 102, Milk 29. Zero Hereford Ranch, Miller, Neb., purchased this bull for $8,500.

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