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Jan Swan Wood: Basking in this global warming, Valley Meats setback, VM will fight back

The cold snap was sure a doozy. Of course, on the news it was called an Arctic Vortex. Must they name everything? Used to be that only hurricanes had names. Like a lot of other folks, we had pipes freeze up that never had before. Must have been that north wind that pushed through in odd places.

On the news casts, they had pictures of commuters/shoppers bundled up like mummies walking through city streets, airplanes encased in ice, idiots driving way too fast for the road conditions and crashing into each other, and people throwing cups of boiling water in the air to watch them freeze. Not one picture of a rancher or farmer out there chopping ice, thawing tanks, tractors, wells, or fingers and feeding stock in a wind that wouldn’t allow hay to stay put. People with a non-livestock job can just not go to work if it’s too bad. Taking care of the stock gets done whether it’s safe for humans out there or not, so we just add more layers and go do it. It’s a different thing when it’s not just your living but your life.

I sure grinned when I read of that research vessel caught in the ice off of Antarctica. The glowing irony of that was that they were there researching the effects of global warming on the polar ice. They weren’t tourists or suchlike, as was suggested on the news. They were scientists that are proponents of global warming there to holler “the sky is falling” after their research in that region. Now that it’s cost a fortune to get them out and also get those other ice breakers freed from the NOT receding ice cap, they are safe. I wonder who pays for all that rescue operation? Also, weren’t they lucky that it’s summer in Antarctica?

The opening of Valley Meats, Roswell, N.M., has been delayed again. On Jan. 3, State District Judge Wilson ruled to extend a temporary restraining order for 10 more days pending another hearing. The New Mexico Attorney General’s office claims that horse meat would “likely” be unsafe for people to eat. Valley Meats attorney says this is all a publicity stunt and that the A.G. Gary King is grand standing on an issue because he’s running for governor. The next hearing is set for Jan. 13. The extension will hopefully give the judge a chance to see how empty and unfounded King’s allegations are on close and unbiased examination.

In response to the disparaging allegations by Gary King, Valley Meats has notified the New Mexico A.G. that they intend to sue his office for slander. The required 30 days notice of intent has been sent. This is going to start costing the state of New Mexico some money. It’s cost Valley Meats a fortune so I’m glad to see them taking the fight back to them on this defamation of character charge.

The Montana Pro Rodeo Hall and Wall of Fame will be holding a scholarship fundraiser banquet on Jan. 25, 1-11 p.m. It will be at the Holiday Inn Grand in Billings. for reservations call 406-256-6515 or go to the web page at http://www.montanaprorodeo.org for more information.

During the BHSS, there will be an Open 4D and Youth 3D barrel race on Feb. 9 at the Event Center, Rapid City, S.D. Exhibitions start a 9 a.m., Open 4D after 12:30 p.m. Open is $45/run, Youth is $20/run. Call Wanda Brown for info at 605-662-7868.

Soon after that, in conjunction with the Western Winter Pro Rodeo at Gillette, Wyo., there will be an Open 4D/Youth 3D on Feb.15 at the Camplex east pavillion in Gillette. The arena will open at 6:45 a.m. with exhibitions 7-8:45 a.m., then at 9:30 the Youth followed by the Open. It’s WPRA (Badlands and Mountain states) and NWBRA co-approved. Call Lynn Kohr at 307-680-5271 for info.

There is a documentary film on the life and career of Casey Tibbs being done in the near future. Justin Koehler, Denver, Colo., (Midland, S.D. native) is doing the documentary and would like to talk to people who might have stories, memorabilia, old photos, 8 mm movies, etc… that feature Casey. Justin can be reached at 303-328-7745.

He did the documentary on Scotty Philips called “The Buffalo King” which is currently airing on South Dakota Public TV.

Well, I hope all of your pipes are thawed out and the sun is shining in your country today. Send me your news and such like and I’ll share it here.

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