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Jan Swan Wood: Gov’t attorney fires back at hsus, Lauing’s horses, wolves, injured cowboys

The hot spell sure hung on long enough. The country went from green to gold but still looks pretty nice to me. All that grass waving in the wind is a nice change from last year.

The government’s attorney representing USDA’s top three food safety officials has made it known that it’s time to end the court battle that prevented horse processing from starting. They’ve asked the U.S. District Court in New Mexico to immediately expedite a hearing and ruling on the actual merits of the case. This would remove the next step of the plaintiffs (including HSUS) getting a grant of a preliminary injunction. The plaintiff had already won a temporary restraining order that prevented the plants from starting operations in early August as planned.

Acting assistant U.S. Attorney General, Robert Drehrer, has asked the court for permission to file a “surreply” to respond to the plaintiffs many accusations that the feds and the U.S. have acted in bad faith in opposing the plaintiffs effort to change the temporary restraining order and their objections to the $500,000 per month bond set by Judge Scott. Drehrer pointed out a dozen instances that HSUS and the other anti-slaughter groups have made accusations that he says are untrue, unfounded and easily refuted. This would be the government’s right to refute the anti’s ridiculous claims that involve the legal and lawful grants of inspection that were given to two plants in New Mexico and Iowa.

The anti’s have whined and gnashed their teeth piteously over the $500,000 per month bond that would be awarded if the plaintiffs lose the case.

A hearing on the preliminary injunction was supposed to happen within 30 days of the Aug. 2, temporary restraining order and nothing has been scheduled publically.

If you‘re in the market to buy a good horse with proven genetics, be sure and remember that Lauing’s Mill Iron L Ranch, Sturgis, S.D., will be selling in conjunction with the Lopez-Meyer sale on Sept. 8 in Faith, S.D. Denny and Doris will sell 24 head ranging from weanlings to broodmares and broke horses. To see the catalog online, go to http://www.lauingmillironlranch.com. You can also view their good studs Colonel Frenchman, Frenchmans Hickory, and Comos Cottoneye on their website and also learn more about their broodmares and program. Call the Lauings at 605-347-6193 or Meyers at 605-466-2456.

The bill that made it legal to shoot a wolf in South Dakota became law on July 1. However, until the government de-lists them from the endangered species list, we can’t actually shoot one west river. If you can get the sucker to swim the river to the eastern side, have at it though.

Speaking of the de-listing of wolves, the comment period on the de-listing ends Sept. 11, so you still have time to post a comment on the gov’t website (I know, I know, not everyone is a computer person) at http://www.regulations.gov. It’s Docket no. FWS-HQ-ES_2013-0073-0001. Go to the website, click on Endangered and Threatened Species, then find the docket I.D. The comments show that the anti’s are opposed to the delisting, so get with it folks and make our voices of reason heard. Some of the comments I read include the “fact” that the wolves are “beautiful, magnificent, free, rare, innocent” and that they only prey on the sick and the old, etc….Made me a little nauseous. I think you can call this number to leave your comment too: 877-378-5457. Keep it civil. Don’t let them think that WE are the crazies folks.

There will be two horse buying stations in the region in September. A licensed and bonded buyer will be buying all kinds and classes of horses at Newcastle, Wyo., on Sept. 10, at the fairgrounds 8-4, and on Sept. 11, at Belle Fourche, S.D., at the Roundup Grounds 9-4. The buyer will pay on the spot with no commission or yardage charge. For more info call Jo at 952-836-8811, Casey at 307-290-2855, or Sharon at 612-839-9568.

Clay Schaeffer, Dickinson, N.D., saddle bronc rider, got hurt at the Herreid, S.D., rodeo when he was stepped on by his bronc and broke his T12 vertebrae in three places. He had surgery Aug. 27, and they put in a five inch rod and five screws and fused the vertebrae to the one on each side of it. He is able to move his arms and legs and recovery is very promising. He’ll have at least three month’s to catch up on his reading. Thankfully, he was wearing his protective vest or the damage could have been much worse.

Also on the sore and healing list is J.D. Garrett, formerly of Newell, S.D., and now of the Weatherford, Texas. About a month ago he had a horse rear up and hit him in the face, breaking his jaw and re-aligning his pretty smile. He called his wife, and though he couldn’t talk with his jaw broken, she perceived quickly that something was wrong and went and got him and rushed him to the hospital in Weatherford. They said he needed more than they could do for him and sent him on to Ft. Worth’s trauma center. Unbelievably, it was two days before he was seen by a doctor. Since his injury wasn’t life threatening, they took care of all of the drug overdoses and suchlike ahead of him. I’ll bet he’s glad that’s pretty much over! He’s all wired together and is starting colts again, but awfully careful I’m certain. I’ll bet he’s tired of food sucked through a straw too.

Well, that’s about my circle for this week. Stay cool and be careful out there.


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