Jan Swan Wood: INFR, various fundraisers, WNFR personnel

We had a few days of beautiful fall weather and took advantage of it to get our calves preconditioned and poured. We also had our best little helpers here, so that made it extra fun. The grandsons are three and 20 months of age and live and breath cattle and horses. The oldest one thought he was sure enough big enough to push the calves down the chute, but for some reason I held back on the deal. Him poking them with a sorting stick while I was reaching through the planks giving shots didn’t seem like a great combination. They rode with us taking the cows back to the pasture. The three year old rode with me and I promise you, we do NOT still fit in the same saddle. I even rode our son’s saddle to have a longer seat, but we were squashed. I guess the time has come for me to ride a different horse and lead him on my pet horse. I knew if he kept calling Rush his horse that it would finally happen! Meanwhile, the quest for the perfect grandson horse continues. I’d probably better be looking for two.

The Indian National Finals are on right now in Las Vegas. It runs Nov. 5-9 and has a lineup of the top rodeo hands from across the nation. I’m sure proud to see how many of our own regional hands are at the finals. I’ll try to get some results for you when they come in.

The Atlas Blizzard Ranch Relief & Aid on-line auction will be held Saturday, Nov. 9. There are hundreds of wonderful items on the auction plus a lineup of stallions on the stallion service auction that is just incredible. You can check it out on Facebook on the page of that name, or to check out the auction items on-line, go to Relief.

On Nov. 10 the Sturgis High School Rodeo club 5D Barrel Race will be held at Golliher Arena, south of Belle Fourche, S.D. There’s $1,500 added in the deal and it’s $35/horse to enter. Exhibitions will run from 8-11:30 a.m., peewees at noon, open at 1 p.m.

There will be a great event held to benefit the ranchers hit by the blizzard on Nov. 24. Called the Grand Encampment Cowboy Gathering “It’s All About Livestock.” it will feature a benefit concert from 2-4 pm on a that Sunday. Performers donating their time, travel and talent are Dave Stamey, Chuck Larsen, Trinity Sealy, Steve Moulton, Caitlynn Taussig, Ken Cook, Robert Dennis and Paul Larson. It will be held at the Historic Homestake Opera House and tickets are $20/head. For ticket info, call the Historic Opera House at 605-584-2067 or for other details, Paul Larson at 605-591-9870. I sure hope to see you there!

I realize there are alot of benefits going on right now for so many worthy causes, but here’s another. In the Dickinson, N.D., area, LaDonna Shelley Wenner has set up a site for her cousin Lee Steffan. Lee, 30, has Wilson’s Disease and needs help for treatment, therapy and past medical expenses. Wilson’s Disease is a autosomal recessive genetic disorder that causes copper to accumulate in the liver and brain and causes liver disease, neurological and psychiatric symptoms. Lee displays many of the symptoms of advanced Parkinson’s Disease and has to be cared for full time by his parents. He struggles to walk with a walker. He was a saddle bronc rider and trained horses before the disease got the best of him. He still loves to ride on his good days, but has to be assisted to do so. You can contact LaDonna Shelley Wenner on Facebook or go to this site: gofundme/4zvwmk. You can donate on-line that way.

Dusty Tuckness, 27, Meteetse, Wyo., is the oldest of the three bull fighters going to the WNFR this year. The three time Bullfighter of the Year went to the WNFR the first time at 22. the other two are Cody Webster and Aaron Ferguson. They’ll be spending time prior to the finals going over videos and strategy at Tuckness’ place so they’re ready to work seamlessly at the finals.

Also going to the finals this year is outstanding pickup man Tyler Robertson, Caputa, S.D. He’s been chosen to be the alternate in case one of the other men gets laid up. I’m sure his folks are pretty proud of him!

Well, that about makes my circle for this week. Send me your upcoming events and items and I’ll share them here.