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Jan Swan Wood: NRCA Finals, Miss Indian Rodeo is local, royalty speaks, Tuffy Cooper

The weather has sure been a roller coaster. T-shirts one day and insulated bibs the next. Yep, it’s clearly fall on the northern plains.

Now that we’ve had some hard freezes it would be a good time to get your horses wormed. A broad spectrum wormer that kills bot larvae is a good one to use in the fall. I remember the days before the good wormers when we had to deal with the grubs coming out on the backs of our saddle horses every spring. We had pads cut with holes in every possible area to relieve pressure over those darned things. That wasn’t part of the good old days.

Also, there’s no bad time to geld a stud, whether a weanling or older. But if the concern of flies was on your mind earlier, I think it’s safe to say that the flies are gone for the year.

Winter will go easier for your horses if their teeth are in good shape too. If you see a horse chewing funny or notice that the horse apples have coarse stems in them, that’s a sign of dental problems. For about $100 you can save your horse a lot of misery and yourself a lot of feed expense. Be sure you choose a vet with equine dentistry experience though.

The NRCA (Northwest Ranch Cowboys Association) Finals are coming up at the Event Center in Rapid City, S.D., Nov. 29-Dec. 1. Great rodeo action, plus a dance where you can kick up your heels.

Miss Indian Rodeo was chosen at the INFR in Las Vegas, NV and it is the lovely Amanda Not Afraid of Crow Agency, MT. She’s the first Crow to win the honor as well, so double congrats to her.

Kim Crago of Belle Fourche, S.D., won the WPRA Badlands Circuit Championship/Header buckle. She’s an exceptional roper, plus a good hand on the ranch and on a young horse. This gal and I have ridden many miles together so I’m sure tickled for her. Congratulations Grandma!

Great Britain’s Prince Anne is the President of the World Horse Welfare organization. Last week she stated that Britain should eat horse meat as it would improve the standards of care for animals and improve horse welfare. I tip my hat to this fine horse woman! I grinned for an hour just thinking of the slobbering fits that the anti slaughter faction threw over her statement! I’ll bet their eyes are still rolled back in their heads and the drool is still seeping out of the corners of their mouths as they flop around on the ground.

Also on this bright note, the most recent scientific study done on the effect Bute has on horse meat has totally debunked the claim by HSUS that it makes the meat toxic to humans. Turns out it doesn’t stay in the system long enough to do any harm to anything, even the horse.

In another news tidbit that surprised me and gladdened my heart, California (of all places) is set to pass legislation to deny protection for gray wolves. Before you say they have no gray wolves, they’ve had the roving wolf on occasion and as they infiltrate Nevada and Oregon, they will be moving into California too. This will be a huge relief for the ranchers in Cali.

The Kyle Evans Memorial Wagon Train will be joining in with South Dakota’s 125th Quasquicentennial (I don’t expect you to say that, I could barely type it) Celebration Wagontrain from Yankton to Ft. Pierre in September. This should be a lot of fun. I’ll post more info later on. In the mean time, you can check it out on the Facebook page Kyle Evans Memorial Wagontrain.

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Tuffy Cooper, 88 of Monument, N.M. I had the privilege of meeting Tuffy several years ago and he was a gem. A cowboy to the core, he was also the Dad of Roy, Clay Tom and Betty Cooper, all exceptional ropers. Three of his grandsons are household names in calf roping as you all know Clint, Clif and Tuf. He will be missed.

As Thanksgiving day arrives this week, I am reminded of all that I am thankful for. The short list is my family, friends, lifestyle and Savior. No matter who you are or what you do or don’t have, there are so many who have so much less and no hope for a better life. Thank the Lord every day, folks. We really are the fortunate ones.

It’s cold and windy up here on this flat, so I’m going to call this circle rode and put my horse up. Be sure and send me your news items and tidbits and I’ll share them here.

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