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Jan Swan Wood: Spur used for self-defense, American Royal, NIRA leaders and horsekeeping tips

We worked the cows today and the weather was superb! It was a little breezy, but the sun was shining and it was sure nice for early November.

The South Dakota Rodeo Association General Membership meeting will be Nov. 20 at the Casey Tibbs Rodeo Center in Ft. Pierre, SD. That would be a nice weekend getaway and would give you a chance to see the great displays at the rodeo center besides.

Nov. 20-21 will be the 3rd Annual Roper Barrel Futurity at the Camplex at Gillette, WY. There’s lots of loot and money up in this so it is going to be outstanding to watch with the toughs that will be there. New this year, just in case you can’t get to Gillette, will be a live Web cast on http://www.KohrQuarterHorses.com. Call Lynn Kohr 307-680-5271.

Your AQHA stallion breeding reports are due Nov. 30. There’s a $30 late fee, so don’t put it off. That’s a reminder for me too!

Reining horse trainer Dallas Schmidt of Cooperstown, ND, had a memorable trip to Ohio to the Quarter Horse Congress in early October. He earned his first top 10 finish in the NRHA competition, which is a huge mark for a trainer. Then on Oct. 4, as he was making an 11 p.m. baby bottle retrieval run at the hotel where he and his wife DeLayne and daughter were staying, he left another mark. He had slipped his boots on to go to the truck to get the bottle and had just climbed up into the door of his Freightliner when two men approached and demanded money. He searched quickly for something to use as a weapon (apparently the baby bottle wasn’t adequate) but found nothing. Then as one of the men moved closer, Dallas – without turning – kicked him. The guy’s face was level with the calf of Schmidt’s leg, so when he kicked, his strong cowboy leg fueled by adrenaline, drove the spur on his boot through the assailants lip, chin and tongue and lodged in the roof of his mouth. The force of the kick lifted the guy off the ground! Schmidt had to jerk his foot hard to remove it, whereby the two would-be robbers fled the scene. Schmidt, 41, is 6 ft. tall and weighs 260 lbs., so they were probably afraid he’d attack them with his other spur!

Dallas and DeLayne have a training facility on the Sheyenne River near Cooperstown, ND. What a story to tell of their trip to the Congress! Congrats on both accomplishments while there, Dallas! John Wayne would have been proud!

Bill and Deb Myers, St. Onge, SD, have a long list of successful sons and daughters of their incredible stallion Frenchmans Guy, the majority of which are running barrels all over the country. There’s another Frenchmans Guy that’s running, but he’s running on the straightaway. Technicolours, a three year old palomino stallion, has run AAA with a s.i. 94 at Will Rogers Down in Oklahoma. He is out of Chic Easy Colors (s.i. 105) who is by another top stallion they own, Hot Colours (s.i. 102). That’s just double the fun for Bill and Deb! Technicolours is owned by Dale and Tina Kolb.

The American Royal at Kansas City, MO is over. Its two weekends of rodeo were on the 2011 Gold Tour. Winning the barrels was Jill Moody, Letcher, SD, with 29.93 on two runs. Lisa Lockhart, Oelrichs, SD, placed in the average. In the barebacks, Joe Gunderson, Agar, SD, was in a three-way-tie for first with Will Lowe, both on Silverado Rodeo’s Memphis King (obviously in different rounds), and Chris Harris on Korkow Rodeo’s Inky (of South Dakota) with 85 points. Steer wrestling had placings in rounds and the average by Kyle Whitaker, NE, and South Dakotans Todd Suhn and Jake Rinehart. Saddle broncs were won the Billy Etbauer, with placings by Jeff Willert, SD, Cort Scheer, NE, and Shaun Stroh, ND.

Tie-down roping had Justin Scofield of St. Lawrence, SD, placed in the average.

The North Dakota Rodeo Hall of Fame will be accepting nominations through Jan. 15, 2011. For more information, call 701-250-1833 or 701-623-2000.

College rodeo’s fall season has wrapped up and our regional contestants are on the leader board. In the Central Rocky Mountain Region, saddle broncs are lead by Cole Elshere, Faith, SD with second held by Chancy Miller, also of Faith. Tie-down roping is lead by Dane Kissack, Spearfish, SD. All three rodeo for Gillette College.

Big Sky Region’s Men’s All-Around is lead by Travis Schroth, Buffalo Gap, with a second in saddle broncs and first in team roping-header. His brother, Dillon Schroth, is leading the team roping-heeling. They rodeo for Miles City Community College.

Great Plains region has Joey Painter, Buffalo, SD, leading the Women’s All-Around and goat tying. She rodeos for Black Hills State University. Tyler Nelson, Lake Preston, SD, is leading the steer wrestling; Tyrell Moody, Letcher, SD, is leading team roping-header; and Taryn Sippel, Pierpont, SD, is leading the barrels. All three rodeo for South Dakota State University.

In the Southwest Region, Men’s All-Around and barebacks has Greg Vezain (aka JR who is riding so tough in the PRCA), Cowley, WY, leading, while Chet Smith, Rapid City, SD, is leading the saddle broncs. They both rodeo for Vernon College, Vernon, TX.

We had a hard freeze a while back and the flies and their little friends are finally gone, so this would be a good time to deworm your horses with something that kills bot larvae. Ivermectin products do this, as well as some others, so read the label. It would sure make for an easier winter for your horses if they didn’t have internal parasites going into it with them.

This would also be a good time to geld those colts you have standing around. There’s no reason to wait until spring. No use letting them get-to-thinking they are little stud-muffins before they get done. Keep in mind that few stud colts have the qualifications to be stallions and few owners have the facilities or experience to own one. Oh, and while the vet has him in la-la land, take out those wolf teeth and brand him. He’ll never know it happened, therefore won’t blame you for it.

Enjoy the fall weather!