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Jan Swan Wood: Watch for founder, Double J horse sale, Suhn laid up, legislative progress

The grass is sure trying to green up in our area. We’re about half done calving and running heavy on bull calves, which we aren’t hating. It sure looks like they’ll have something to graze and get big and fat on, thank God. Still praying for moisture for others who didn’t get that snow and those who still need runoff to fill dams. We’re not out of the woods yet, by any means.

Remember to be careful of those too-fat horses on the new green grass. They can grass founder in a hurry, even if they’re not terribly fat. Prevention is the key as there is no cure for founder, just management.

This is a dandy time to geld those stud colts too. The flies are minimal and the green grass makes them forget all about the sore spots. While the vet has him in lala land, go ahead and get those wolf teeth taken out and brand him too.

On May 11, the Double J Horse Sale will be held in Dickinson, ND. It has always been in Bowman until this year, but has the same great management and good horses lined up. There are 190 total head with 132 broke geldings, 23 broke mares, 8 broke ponies, a good team or two, and lots of prospects. There will be a ranch horse competition to show the horses at 7 a.m. and the sale will be a 1 p.m. (Mountain Time). For more information, call Joe Hickel at 701-230-3044 or John Bearman at 701-720-6674. You can check out the catalog at http://www.doublejhorsesales.com and find them on Facebook as well. This sale is worth driving just a little further for.

PRCA steer wrestler Todd Suhn, Hermosa, SD, underwent a successful surgery on the injury he incurred at Lubbock, TX, last month. He tore his lat muscle away from the bone in his upper arm so they had to drill a hole in the humerus bone, pull the lat tendon through and buttoned it all together. He’s expected to be out for about six months and will be doing physical therapy and enjoying time with his family for the duration. He’ll be all healed up and ready to hit the road running this fall for the 2014 season. Best wishes, Todd, on a speedy recovery.

The 2013 Hermosa Roping Club Bronc Halter Open 4D Barrel Series will be May 26, June 23, July 28, and August 25. Exhibitions will start at 10 a.m. with the open 4D at noon. Entries close for the 4D at 11:30. They’ll have half second splits, must run at three of the four to qualify for prizes and there’s a $25 entry fee. Call Jamie Steen at 605-431-9708 for more information.

North Dakota’s legislature has made animal cruelty a felony on an 80-12 vote. The bill just needs the governor’s signature to be law. It is set up so that the first offense is a misdemeanor and the third offense within 10 years a felony in cases of abuse, neglect or abandonment. The law exempts normal practices used in animal production, racing, rodeo, hunting and fishing.

The rangers of the Custer National Forest’s Ashland District in Montana plan to do prescribed burns on about 1,300 acres around Ashland, MT. I didn’t know there was 1300 acres around Ashland that didn’t burn last summer, but there must be. The rangers promise to plan the burns for days with high humidity and no wind (when was the last time both of those existed in our area?) so they don’t set the whole world on fire. I’m thinking that the people around those burns are going to be as nervous as a cat on a griddle about this, especially if they heard or read about the “controlled” burn that put a bunch of people out of business on the ND/SD border this spring. Perhaps there will be more common sense used by officials in Montana.

It sure looks like the feds are going to remove the endangered status of the wolves in the lower 48 states. Fish and Wildlife Services would remove protected status of wolves, thereby enabling each state to manage wolves as state officials recommend. Washington state has just approved the shooting of wolves without a permit by property owners, family members and employees that are attacking livestock in certain areas, mostly in northeastern Washington. I swear I could hear howling the other night, but it wasn’t wolves. It must have been the wolf huggers and anti’s that were in full throat over this delisting.

Did you know that HSUS (Humane Society of the U.S.) took in well over $133 million dollars last year? They are a tax exempt organization and as such, are prohibited by law from attempting to influence legislation on a large scale. They spent $17.3 million on lobbyists from 2005-2009. Personally, I think that $17.3 million is large scale no matter what you’re doing. The IRS is investigating the tax exempt status of HSUS, and it’s about time. Now it will be interesting to see if they do anything about it.

I saw a sign the other day that said: Politicians ought to wear jackets like NASCAR drivers so we know who their corporate sponsors are.

Well, with that, I’m going to go put my horse up. Have a good week and send me your news and notes. Always glad to hear from you!

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