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Jayden Shoemaker wins two events at Ropes and Goats

Jayden Shoemaker of Faith, S.D., won both the Junior Goat Tying and the Junior Breakaway roping at the first Ropes and Goats of the season on June 10. But Hallie Fulton, a college cowgirl from Miller, S.D., was the high-money winner of the night, winning $120 in the Open Goat Tying and $105 in the Open Girls Breakaway Roping. Hallie received a feed bucket for her efforts donated in part by Faith Veterinary Service.

The storm clouds starting dropping rain as the last few open girls' breakaway ropers competed. The Junior Boys and the Open Boys Breakaway Roping had to be postponed due to the storm.

Five competitors recited from memory Philippians 4:12-13. Kailyn Groves, Harland Groves, Hugh Groves, Kaycee Groves and Mikenzy Miller, all of Faith, are the first five to have their names in the pot for the drawing at the last event. The next event is June 17. Join Ropes and Goats on Facebook or contact Karen Miller for more information.

Thanks to the many people who make Ropes and Goats happen.

Here are the results after three runs in each event:

Junior Junior Boys and Girls Goat Ribbon Snatching

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1. Traylin Martin, 28.56, $50

Junior Girls Goat Tying

1. Jayden Shoemaker, 32.28, $52.50

2. Mikenzy Miller, 36.88, $31.50

3. Lindsay Wilken, 42.75, $21

Junior Boys Goat Tying

1. Harland Groves, 31.70, $60

Senior Girls Goat Tying

1. Trisha Wilken, 25.90, $80

2. Tearnee Nelson, 33.31, $48

3. Mikenzy Miller, 40.06, $32

Open Girls Goat Tying

1. Hallie Fulton, 21.83, $120

Junior Girls Breakaway Roping

1. Jayden Shoemaker, 7.16 (on 2 head), $45

Senior Girls Breakaway Roping

1. Kamira Miller, 7.93 (on 2 head), $70

2. Mikenzy Miller, 10.55, $42

3. Kecia Miller, 15.57, $28

Open Girls Breakaway Roping

1. Hallie Fulton, 11.68, $105

2. Shayna Miller (on Punkin), 5.53 (on 2 head), $63

3. Shayna Miller (on Buck)7.48, $42

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