Jeremy Wells named 2010 NRCA Finals Bull Fighter |

Jeremy Wells named 2010 NRCA Finals Bull Fighter

Courtesy photoJeremy Wells will fight bulls at the 2010 NRCA Championship Finals Rodeo.

Excited was an understatement when 2010 NRCA Championship Finals Rodeo Bull fighter Jeremy Wells was notified that the bullriders had chosen him to keep them out of harms way this year at the Cam-Plex in Gillette, WY, Nov. 26-28.

“I have been so excited since I heard the news that I was selected to fight the NRCA Finals! This will be my first appearance here and it should be awesome!”

Even though it will be Wells first time at the Northwest Ranch Cowboys Championship Finals Rodeo, he most certainly isn’t a stranger to Finals rodeos. The Bullman, as he is known by his friends, has taken on the role of cowboy protector at nine SDRA Finals and five trips to the South Dakota High School Finals. In addition to these rodeos he has fought bulls at the National Little Britches Finals and the prestigious Indian National Finals (INFR). All of these accomplishments have came since 2000.

Born in Yankton, SD, Jeremy’s parents moved to Rapid City after he was born, and has called the Black Hills home every since.

When he’s not dancing with a ton of fury in the arena, Wells, the single father of three boys, can be found at Creative Ironworks as a welder, where they, in Wells words, “build a lot of custom railings, spiral staircases and just anything people dream up.” Down time for Jeremy is spent with his three sons and hunting mountain lions.

Wells background in rodeo is similar to a lot of youngsters who grew up in western South Dakota.

“I started out riding bulls when I was in middle school doing 4H and Little Britches then on to high school, college and the PRCA. I got started fighting bulls when we were in the practice pen. I would fight for my buddies and they would do the same for me.”

Wells credits another outstanding former bullfighter-turned-rodeo-announcer and voice of the Rapid City Rush hockey team, Sugar Ray Quinn, with helping him go in the right direction with his bullfighting career.

When you choose to become a professional bullfighter, it’s not a matter of if, but when, you will face the challenge of injuries. Thus far, he has managed to avoid any career ending wrecks, but there have been some close calls.

“As far as good wrecks or memorable moments, well, I did get knocked unconscious three times one summer, twice by the same bull. One doctor told me my neck was broken and sent me to a specialist. He checked me out and gave me a clean bill of health.”

For bullfighters, wrecks like these are a defining moment in their career. Some come back to dance with disaster, and others choose to hang it up. This is what is commonly known amongst bullfighters as, “getting your egg broke.” When asked why he came back after such potential career ending crash and burns like this, Wells responded, “Guess I’m just hard boiled. This stuff gets in your blood and you can’t get rid of it. Kind of like a bad addiction. ‘Sides that, it really wasn’t the bulls fault.”

Wells is looking forward to sharing lifesaving duties at the Finals with another equally accomplished bullfighter, Parmalee, SD-native son Cooper Waln.

“I will be fighting with a very dear friend of mine that is like a little brother to me. I have watched him grow up from being a little tormentor behind the chutes to one of the handiest bullfighters going down the road.”

Rodeo fans who appreciate skill and finesse, should plan on heading over to Gillette, WY, Nov. 26-28 and using just the edge of their seat as they are awed by the team of Wells and Waln as they protect the NRCA’s best bullriders from the rankest, meanest bucking bulls from the top stock contractors in the Midwest.

It will be just another day at the office for these two hands.