John update, rescued horses, Austin Janis  Roughstock Rodeo, stolen hay |

John update, rescued horses, Austin Janis  Roughstock Rodeo, stolen hay

Jan Swan Wood
for Tri-State Livestock News

I hope it’s cooled off by the time you read this. It’s sure been a hot, dry booger, hasn’t it? Weather prognosticators are predicting a cool, wet fall. I hope they mean fall rain and not November/December snow.

I heard on the news that Hurricane Isaac breached some of the levees in New Orleans and that the residents who didn’t evacuate are stranded and without power. I’m having a really hard time being very worked up over that news. They must have very, very short memories.

Good news on the John Teigan front. As of this writing, the abdominal incision is now closed after his fifth surgery in 20 days. His lungs are doing better, kidneys are working better, and his liver is healing but is being monitored closely. He may be moved out of the ICU by the time you read this, which would be wonderful progress. Keep him in your prayers.

I saw an ad in the paper for three free horses to good homes. I suppose the reality of hay prices has hit a lot of folks and they are having to down-size or disperse to get by. I hope they do get good homes and aren’t going to be jumping from the frying pan and into the fire, so to speak.

I know a person who “rescued” a horse from the “slaughter pen” (her words), brought the old, fat draft horse gelding home, and then another “rescued” horse, a stud, absolutely beat the old drafter nearly to death. Some rescue. I can sure see that dying of shock from the pain of his injuries over a period of 12 hours was way better than having me put him out of his misery when the broken stifle was discovered. Can’t you? Incidentally, the stud bred all three of her “rescued” mares before she got around to getting him gelded. I haven’t gone by to see if any of the resulting foals were studs. If so, I’m sure the cycle continues.

True rescue facilities can be a good thing, if run right and with realistic goals. I don’t mean to be criticizing the good operations. But, one ignorant person with money can bite off a whole lot more than they can handle with free horses available. Free is only free if you can afford it. Sadly, it’s the horses that pay the price.

I’ll leap off my soap-box now. Sometimes I just have to vent or I’ll explode.

On Sept. 8 will be the 1st Annual Austin Janis Rough Stock Extreme Rodeo at Lower Brule, SD. It will have barebacks, saddle broncs, and bulls, ten entries per event. The top four will come back for a short go. There will be a Calcutta at 5 p.m. with the rodeo at 6 p.m. Sounds like this will be a great rough stock rodeo honoring the memory of a fine young rodeo cowboy who died last year in a car accident while on the rodeo road.

The race is on in the SDRA steer wrestling. I’m writing this pre-Labor Day weekend, and the standings show only $112 separates first from third place. Reed Petersek, Colome, SD, Mike Wiedman, St. Charles, SD, and Forrest Sainsbury, Camp Crook, SD will be running hard as the season wraps up the middle of September. They are in the same order of placing in the NRCA but with a little more money separating them.

The National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association recognizes the CNFR qualifiers who maintained a 3.5 gpa and has honored them as Academic All-American recipients. There were over 50 this year! I was not surprised to see so many of those young folks were from TSLN country! Classes have taken up and the 2012-13 college rodeo season kicks off in September, so, they’ll be striving hard once again.

This happened right in my own neighborhood, so, feels rather personal. A neighbor had 11 first cutting alfalfa bales stolen on Aug. 13. They weigh 1500-1700 lbs and have green plastic twine. Also stolen was a black, white-faced steer calf, weighing about 250 lbs and branded. If you have any ideas who might have done this, call the Butte County sheriff’s office at 605-892-3324. This is one of those “what’s the world coming to” things.

In view of this, I’m going to turn the old dog that bites loose again. I’d been tying her up when I was gone until she tried to eat the UPS man, but he’s just going to have to take his chances. I’ll give him a little heads up about her. He was carrying a big box of horseshoes up to the porch when she cornered him the last time. I was home and called her off, which he most appreciated. He’s pretty active for a big guy.

This circle’s done, so I’ll be looking forward to hearing from all of you with results from Labor Day weekend activities. Keep praying for rain.