Johnson-Rose Angus Ranch 48th Annual Genetic Advantage Bull Sale |

Johnson-Rose Angus Ranch 48th Annual Genetic Advantage Bull Sale

Todd Swang, Harvey, North Dakota, bought Lot 48 at $5,000.

Date: Feb. 29, 2020

Location: Mobridge Livestock Market

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar

TSLN Rep: Dan Piroutek

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106 Angus bulls – $3,915

Johnson-Rose Angus Ranch, owned by Stuart Johnson and his family, along with Clint and Bonnie Rose, and Bailey Johnson, brought another top set of bulls to Mobridge Livestock for their annual bull sale.

The cows thrive on native grass in the summer and no creep feed. After weaning, they were hand fed with a protein pellet and some long hay. This assured a very calm set of bulls.

This firm places a lot of emphasis on maternal genetics, and this truly shows up in their cow herd. They believe in moderately framed cattle that are easy fleshing. These bulls will sire outstanding steers, but also produce exceptional replacement heifers.

Top Selling Bulls:

Lot 36: $7,500 to Larry Odde, Mound City, South Dakota – SAV President 6847 x TC Aberdeen 759

Lot 80: $7,500 to Ross Odde, Mound City, South Dakota – PVF Insight 0129 x Papa Forte 1921

Lot 8: $7,500 to Brian and Craig Worth, Gettysburg, South Dakota – Basin Rainmaker 4404 x Stevenson Rockmount RX933

Lot 72: $7,000 to Haak Family Angus, Pollock, South Dakota – VDAR Sonny Boy 1194 x SAV Resource 1441

Lot 47: $6,500 to Brian and Craig Worth, Gettysburg, South Dakota – Bjj Dictator 7/6 x Genetics By Design 049

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