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Johnson’s J Ranch 2012 Bull Sale

Johnson J Ranch held their 40th Annual bull sale at Lemmon Livestock on April 23, 2012. Alan Johnson and family had this set of bulls in their everyday working clothes. They had not been pushed at the feedbunk and were in excellent condition to go to work in the breeding pastures.

These bulls are all mainly May and June 2010-born bulls. Alan believes that by calving later in the season on grass, the health and stress of the calves is greatly reduced paired with the added benefit of reduced feed costs. Since they calve later, the bulls are held over and sold as virgin coming two-year-olds in a late spring sale.

After weaning, the bulls are fed a high-roughage ration, with just enough grain for some added growth. The next summer they are turned out on grass and not fed any supplements. When the bulls come off grass in November, they go back on a high-roughage ration in the dry Lot. The end result is a group of bulls that are hard and ready to go to work in the breeding pasture. They will cover more cows than a yearling bull, and with the way they have been developed, will remain sound on their feet and legs.

The top-selling bull on the day was Lot 54, JJR Alliance 202X, a May 2010 son of JJR Alliance 170T. This long-sided, thick-made bull had a 205-day weight of 732 pounds, yearling weight of 1,364 pounds and EPDs of BW 3.7, WW 41, YW 71 and Milk 17. Brady Ham, Shadehill, SD, was the buyer at $6,000.

Selling at $5,750 was Lot 7, JJR Front Page 157X, a May 2010 son of Connealy Front Page 0228. This bull has EPDs of BW 1.3, WW 47, YW 82 and Milk 20, and sold to Tom Alley, Isabel, SD.

Lot 5, JJR Final Answer 154X, a May 2010 son of SAV Final Answer 0035 with EPDs of BW -0.2, WW 48, YW 86 and Milk 23, sold to Ross Reichert, Sturgis, SD, for $5,500.

Lot 48, JJR Alliance 196X, a May 2010 son of JJR Alliance 170T, sold to Bill Alley, Isabel, SD, for $5,500. This bull is out of a highly productive Oscar 734 daughter that has weaned 10 calves to ratio at 104, and has EPDs of BW 3.8, WW 39, YW 66 and Milk 20.

Lot 28, JJR Image Maker 178X, a May 2010 son of HA Image Maker 0415 with EPDs of BW 2.3, WW 52, YE 87 and Milk 24, sold to Eric Slaathaug, Ft. Pierre, SD, for $5,250.

Lot 72, JJR Windy 220X, a May 2010 son of JJR Windy 172S with EPDs of BW 2.4, WW 50, YW 93 and Milk 21, sold to Myron Lamont, Willow Lake, SD, for $5,000.

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