Johnston recognition was appreciated |

Johnston recognition was appreciated

I am so happy to see the Johnstons and their amazing horses written up and recognized. My parents, Francis and Violet Sedgwick, and I had the privilege of hanging out at Frances and Stanley’s wonderful little rancho almost in the bottom of the Hassayampa River at Wickenburg, Arizona off an on winters in the 1950s. They were working cutting horses there every day, and Teresa Sully was with them some of the years, being their helping hand and learning from them to be a top hand herself. She went on to an amazing rodeo career both before and after her marriage to Ken Humphreys. I recently had some movie film put on DVDs and there’s action shots of Stanley and Frances working cattle there in their cutting pen! A real treasure to me, as I always looked up to both of them a lot, and so did my folks.

Rhonda Sedgwick Stearns

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