Joseph Angus Ranch 2012 Bull Sale

Scott Dirk
Sale host Roger Joseph welcomed the crowd at the 14th Annual Joseph Angus sale as auctioneer Matt Lowery prepares to start the sale.

Joseph Angus hosted a very large crowd of buyers for their 14th annual bull sale held at Valentine Livestock Auction in Valentine, NE on Jan. 21. This was one of the largest crowds I have seen at Valentine Livestock. There was a great representation of repeat buyers, plus many new buyers that sorted through and purchased bulls and commercial heifers.

The bulls have been bred and fed to perform. They were developed on high-roughage, low-grain rations to develop soundness, fertility and longevity. Customer satisfaction is something Roger and his crew are very particular on, and this feeding program has been well received by repeat bull buyers.

Bulls were sired by the number-one artificial insemination (AI) sires in the Angus breed, plus a couple of up-and-coming herd bulls that are getting plenty of notice in Angus circles. The calves sired by WK Bobcat and WK Roger were very well accepted and highly sought after in this sale. The 17 Bobcat sons averaged $6,132 and the 52 Roger sons averaged $4,910.

Topping the sale were two bulls at $9,000 each:

Lot 8, JAR Bismarck 9150, a Jan. 8, 2011 son of SAV Bismarck sold to Green Mountain Angus Ranch, Ryegate, MT. This herd bull prospect posted EPDs of BW 2.5, WW 57, YW 96 and Milk 23 with a 39-cm scrotal, 1,350-pound 365-day weight 14.2 ribeye area (REA) and 121 marbling ratio.

Lot 49, JAR Onward 118RW is an Aug. 17, 2012 son of Connealy Onward with EPDs of BW 2.6, WW 50, YW 97 and Milk 29. This fall herd bull prospect scanned a 17.2 REA, had 42.5-cm scrotal and a 205-day adjusted weight of 756 pounds. Corky and Janet Worth, Springview, NE, were the buyers.

Steve Meyer, Hostien, IA, selected Lot 10, JAR Onward 10 for $8,750. This Aug. 8, 2012 son of Connealy Onward had EPDs of BW 2.7, WW 50, YW 95 and Milk 22 with a 41-cm scrotal.

Freemax Partnership, Alliance, NE, purchased two calving ease bulls at $8,500 each:

Lot 20, JAR Bobcat 939, is a Jan. 6, 2011 son of WK Bobcat with EPDs of BW 1.1, WW 54, YW 102 and Milk 25.

Lot 25, JAR Roger 812B, is a March 22, 2011 son of WK Roger 8165 with EPDs of BW 1.2, WW 70, YW 114 and Milk 27.

Selling at $8,250 was Lot 38, JAR Bobcat 903, a Jan. 10 2011 son of WK Bobcat with EPDs of BW 2.3, WW 59, YW 107 and Milk 28. Jim Lee Ranch, Valentine, NE, was the buyer.