Josh Hilton to provide music for 2011 Black Hills Stock Show Rodeo |

Josh Hilton to provide music for 2011 Black Hills Stock Show Rodeo

Josh Hilton hails from a small town in southwest Iowa known as Sidney. Growing up a cowboy in a town known as “Rodeo Town USA,” it is easy to see where his passion for the sport comes from! Josh learned early on that his roping talent wasn’t going to cut it in the big leagues, so he started looking into other aspects of the business. Having always had a knack for entertaining, what better field to look into than production?

His first opportunity came as a part of the production team at the Tour Finale in Omaha, NE, and from there, onto the Finale in Dallas, TX. Those experiences really put the taste in his mouth for production.

Then, in 2005, Hilton got a call that changed his life – Mike Cervi offered him a production job with the Cervi Championship Rodeo Co. Hilton jumped at the chance and started out working their smaller rodeos. During this time he was lucky to observe the best rodeo productions at work many times… and learned what it should look and sound like.

Hilton’s natural ability to entertain continued to grow and he got his big break when the National Western Stock Show called him to head up their rodeo production. “That was my big break…it just took off from there!” he recalled. Since then, Hilton has been blessed to be a part of some of the biggest and best rodeos in the U.S. and Canada. He looks forward to every rodeo as a chance to do his best work and make each rodeo a better production for the paying customer!