June 2012 MRSD Newsletter

Apple, banana cream, blueberry, caramel apple, cherry, chocolate, lemon meringue, mixed berry, peach, peanut butter and cream cheese, pecan, pumpkin, rhubarb, sour cream and raisin, strawberry, strawberry and cream cheese, strawberry and rhubarb…and more! Never in my life have I seen so many varieties of pie, other than when I was in Abbyville, KS, this past month.

Kansas wasn’t the only place that impressed me with its food. Miss Rodeo Oklahoma’s mom, is quite the cook as well. I could have foundered on her chicken and dumplings, with fresh from the oven dump cake served as dessert. However, becoming a food connoisseur was only part of my May adventures.

To start off the month, I flew south to spend time with Miss Rodeo Oklahoma, Kallie Baker. My first few days in Oklahoma City, OK, involved eating entirely too much good food, struggling to keep up with Kallie and her personal trainer during her grueling workouts, and a memorable visit to the Children’s Center. During our visit to the children’s hospital, I was quickly reminded of how much of a blessing this year has been. The parents were great to visit with and excellent examples of having hope for the future. The sobering sight of young children who can no longer articulate and communicate their ideas as freely as they use to helped keep all my traveling in perspective.

Also while in Oklahoma, Kallie and I, along with her family, drove to the Panhandle for the 80th Annual Guymon Pioneer Days Rodeo. Guymon proved even more eventful than the first part of my Oklahoma trip. On our first day there, we visited six area elementary schools and a local nursing home. In addition to the start of the rodeo, Friday involved judging the rodeo clown dress up contest and Spikes and Spurs Golf Tournament. Although I had never golfed before, my team was patient with this first timer. We did end up placing, so if this rodeo business doesn’t work out, I may have another sport to fall back on! We were able to ride great looking palominos from Carr Pro Rodeo, during the parade and rodeo performance. It is always such a treat to have good horses to ride. When the weekend wrapped up, I was still more comfortable on the back of a horse than having a golf club in my hand.

My week at home allowed me to help get the rest of the corn planted before heading back south. Thankfully, carrying around the 50-pound seed bags helped get me back into shaped before my next trip. This time I was driving to Abbyville, KS, with Miss Rodeo Nebraska, Sierra Peterson. With all the Badland and Prairie Circuit girls there, we had a good time showing Oregonian Mackenzie Carr, Miss Rodeo America, the wide open Great Plains. She got her laughs in too, when she showed us all up in a game of volleyball during some down time! Abbyville was another chance to spend time with Bronc Rumford and his family, providing great horses for us to ride for the rodeo. With a population of around 70 people, it was a much appreciated change of pace. It is still hard to beat the feeling of a good hometown rodeo.

Wrapping up the month, I was able to be much closer to home when I attended the Miss Foothills Rodeo contest in Wessington Springs, SD, during the Foothills South Dakota Rodeo Association (SDRA) Rodeo. I enjoyed seeing some familiar faces compete, and getting to meet the younger, upcoming queens. Traveling the country is an experience in itself, but I always enjoy the chances I have to help out in South Dakota.

With all the calves branded and cattle out to pasture, I am looking forward to June. Rodeo season will be in full swing. I am anticipating getting to compete again, and even the opportunity to announce during a couple regional high school rodeos.

Until next time,

Courtney Peterson

Miss Rodeo South Dakota 2012