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Junior Juniors take over Ropes and Goats

Eleven Junior Junior Contestants made the summer evening special at Ropes and Goats in Faith on Tuesday, July 15, 2014. The Boys and Girls Goat Ribbon Snatching was the closest race of the evening with just over four seconds separating first place from fourth place.

Mikenzy Miller was the high-money winner of the evening winning the Junior Girls Goat Tying and the Open Breakaway Roping. She won a total of $180. A bucket was presented to her that was sponsored in part by Faith Veterinary Service. She also recited Philippians 4:12-13 to start the event.

The last two Ropes and Goats of the season will be held July 22 and July 29.

Results of Ropes and Goats July 15, 2014:

(All get three head.)

Junior Junior Boys and Girls Ribbon Snatching:

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1. Waycee Nelson, 29.53, $44

2. Drew Harper, 30.45, $33

3. Jess Harper, 30.51, $22

4. Layne Palmer, 34.01, $11

Junior Girls Goat Tying:

1. Mikenzy Miller, 31.46, $60

Junior Boys Goat Tying:

1. Layne Palmer, 94.56, $30

Senior Girls Goat Tying:

1. Shayna Miller, 22.30, $60

Junior Girls Breakaway Roping:

1. Jayden Shoemaker 10.17(on 2 head), $80

Senior Girls Breakaway Roping:

1. Brooklyn Hanson, 20.13, $100

Open Girls Breakaway Roping:

1. Mikenzy Miller, 13.09 (on 2 head), $120

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