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K2 Red Angus 22nd Annual Winter Bull & Female Sale

TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: Feb. 3, 2022

Location: K2 Sale Facility-Wheatland, Wyoming

Auctioneer: Lex Madden


31 18-Month-Old Bulls – $4,500

35 Yearling Bulls – $4,050

66 Total Bulls – $4,261

14 Open Heifers – $1,650

The strong Wyoming wind was cool and brisk for the 22nd Annual K2 Red Angus Winter Bull and Female Sale, held February 3, 2022 at the K2 Red Angus Sale Facility near Wheatland, Wyoming. Jason and Kim Goertz, along with family, offered a uniform and consistent set of bulls and fancy open heifers to the customers in the seats on sale day. Congratulations on a great sale!

Lot 6 at $7,000, K2 LINDER LB 653 51H, DOB 5/14/20, RAVIN LINEBACKER C5373486945 x RED HOWEY 400, Sold to Smith Sheep Company, Douglas, Wyoming.

Lot 37 at $7,000, K2 CRUSADE 718 191, DOB 2/24/21, OOO SIR LOIN 51223493807 x RED HILL B571 JULLIAN 84S, Sold to Smith Sheep Company, Douglas, Wyoming.

Lot 35 at $6750, K2 MARCO 11E 60H, DOB 5/16/20, RED U2 MALBEC 195D3721545 x K2 RESILIANCE 714 473, Sold to Iness Cattle Company, Saguache, Colorado.

Lot 38 at $6,750, K2 REX 81 180, DOB 2/21/21, 5L LEADING EDGE 15383-117C3483291 x LR HAMILTON 721, Sold to Ty Cattle Company, Chugwater, Wyoming.

High Selling Heifer:

Lot 81 at $3,000, K2 LYNN DEE 625 152, DOB 3/10/21, 3SCC DOMAIN A1631619642 x K2 RESILIANC714 473, Sold to Hladky Livestock, Douglas, Wyoming.

Jason Goertz visits with a fellow rancher at the sale, customer service is a priority at k2 Red Angus.
Kim Cullen Goertz visits with customers prior to the start of the sale.

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