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Kailyn Groves high money winner at Ropes and Goats

Kailyn Groves was the high-money winner at Ropes and Goats on June 17 and is holding the bucket that she was awarded. She won the Open Girls Breakaway Roping and placed second in the Junior Girls Goat Tying. She will be competing in the Breakaway Roping at the National Junior High School Rodeo in Des Moines, Iowa, June 23-28. Kailyn is the daughter of Kevin and Buffy Groves of Faith, S.D.

Kailyn Groves won the Open Girls Breakaway Roping and won second in the Junior Girls Goat Tying to win the championship bucket at Ropes and Goats for June 17, 2014. The special bucket was donated in part by Faith Vet Service. The 57 entries braved the storm warnings and enjoyed a pleasant summer evening.

Seven contestants recited Philippians 4:12-13 to get their names in the hat for the year-end drawing. Rowdy Fischbach and Hudson Fischbach were chosen to say the verses by memory over the microphone.

Without the help of all of the volunteers, Ropes and Goats would not be possible; thanks to so many people who graciously give their time and energy.

The results are as follows with the times on three runs:

Junior Junior Boys and Girls Goat Ribbon Snatching:

1. Jess Harper, 34.40, $45

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2. Drew Harper, 35.83, $27

3. Waycee Nelson, 39.52, $18

Junior Girls Goat Tying:

1. Mikenzy Miller, 26.46, $52.50

2. Kailyn Groves, 27.32, $31.50

3. Josie White, 35.99, $21

Junior Boys Goat Tying:

1. Harland Groves, 28.8, $45

Senior Girls Goat Tying:

1. Katy Miller, 23.72, $80

2. Shayna Miller, 24.34, $48

3. Tricia Wilken, 26.35, $32

Junior Girls Breakaway Roping:

1. Brooklyn Hanson, 30.14 (on 2 head), $45

2. Jayden Shoemaker, 3.56 (on 1 head), $27

3. Kaycee Groves, 4.91, $18

Junior Boys Breakaway Roping:

1. Harland Groves, 3.53 (on 1 head), $45

Senior Girls Breakaway Roping:

1. Brandi Cwach, 3.68 (on 1 head), $70

2. Kecia Miller, 3.73, $42

3. Tayle Brink, 4.81, $28

Open Girls Breakaway Roping:

1. Kailyn Groves, 19.27, $132

2. Cy Christensen, 5.45 (on 2 head), $99

3. Mikenzy Miller, 9.34, $66

4. Trisha Price, 2.91 (on 1 head), $33

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